New screens of the Kung Fu Hustle MMO

In case you weren't aware, Sony Online Entertainment via their studio in Taipei, Taiwan, is developing an MMO (yes, another MMO) based on the Stephen Chow movie Kung Fu Hustle. The game is a tad different, however, from other MMOs. For one, it's a fighter and two, it doesn't look like your typical online universe.

After seeing this at a recent SOE event, I can't say I was exactly thrilled by the possibilities, but I suppose if you're a fighting game fan or MMO junkie looking for a different kind of fix, this could help you out -- besides, it's free. It's worth noting that the game is only slated to come out for the PC in Asia right now, but Sony says they are looking to expand it to European and North American markets.

View game run-down at the story URL, along with four other images.

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WilliamRLBaker4792d ago

I couldn't stand that movie, it was just......stupid, Kung pow was much better.

BubblesDAVERAGE4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

Kung Pow was just bad. ITs right up there with DAte move and Epic movie. Yet a MMO would b intresting

Weed4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

Kung pow had mushu fasa C... N... N...

BitbyDeath4792d ago

Unlike this POS game, WTF is that?

I could've made this

gta_cb4792d ago

i agree, although i dont know if you could have made it, i think you could have let your little bro/sis make it (if you have any) lol looks like kids play! (actually looks like something a kid would play lol)

Weed4792d ago

Damn, this game looks horrible

BitbyDeath4792d ago

lol i think your avatar says it all

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