Command & Conquer 3 - The epic battle between PC and console rages on

This time around IGN takes a look at the popular Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars on PC and Xbox 360. After a long hiatus the series has returned to prominence in two solid efforts on both systems, with both games scoring into the 8's in IGN's reviews.

The results:
Price Points - Winner: PC
Features - Winner: Xbox 360
Control - Winner: PC
Graphics - Winner: PC
Sound - Winner: Tie
Presentation - Winner: PC
Overall Winner: PC


I didn't noticed that is an insider only story. In the comments section you can find the links to screengrabs of the pages. Sorry for inconvenience.

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gta_cb4579d ago

havnt played the PC version, but i did like the Xbox 360 demo.

BitbyDeath4579d ago

I played the demo on PC...

I'm interested to hear how the story plays out and if Kane dies and what not, but in terms of multiplayer and gameplay Generals/Zero Hour is still the Best.. IMO

snoop_dizzle4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

well i gotta still buy it.

I guess im getting it for my computer

The_Firestarter4579d ago

Trust me kiddies, the PC version is superior! Who would've guessed? lol :) I obviously don't have a 360 to bother with the demo. I bought this game only a week after release, and I must say it's uber-awesome! The textures are rich, the atmosphere is gloomy (nice), and the animations are more fluid than earlier C&C games. Get it! It doesn't matter if it's 360 or PC, but if you enjoy RTS, try it out. The PC version is absolutely delicious! *yum, yum*

BTW, don't start flaming on me you need a $3,000+ PC to run these games because I'm so sick of hearing it. Mine is half that price and runs the game very smooth, so don't give me any nonsense.

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