Haze NOT PS3 exclusive - PC, 360 confirmed

Haze was originally announced for all three systems in 2006 but the lack of any other system being mentioned for over a year, and the fact that the TimeSplitters team has a massive PlayStation heritage, seemed to point the finger of exclusivity at Sony and PS3.

This isn't the case though. During an exclusive interview Free Radical's Dave Doak told CVG that while the game is leading on PS3 there are also Xbox 360 and PC versions coming. Doak added that the team hasn't had any major issues developing for Sony's machine either.

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closedxxx4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

I'm starting to get the feeling that the only games guaranteed to be PS3 exclusives are first party titles. Those will also be the games that will first display a more accurate representation of what the PS3 is capable of. Right now, there is nothing on the PS3 that looks better than the best the XBOX 360 has to offer. If someone would actually build a game, from scratch, on final PS3 hardware and utilize the cell without worrying about ever having to port the title to another platform, I would expect that game to something to behold. And as much as I'd love to see the ICO team get mass exposure by being multiplatform, I get excited at the prospect of one of their games being built solely for the PS3 to maximize the potential of only one console. It could be a beautiful thing.

gta_cb4588d ago

well with the long life span of the PS3 i am sure it will happen sometime.

Hayabusa 1174588d ago

conan - 44 Minutes ago
6 -
"It looks so good because its made on the PS3, it is designed to make use of bluray and the hard drive. Even the developers said that the PS3 is the most powerful hardware out there. The 360 and pc will be downgraded ports later in 2008. The ps3 is the lead platform for this game thats why it looks so good."

It must be that the 360 can do it without Blu-Ray/Hard drive.

Rooted_Dust4588d ago

This game looks worse than Crysis but will have to be downgraded for the PC....ok :P

solidt124588d ago

This will be a Timed Exclusive on the PS3. I am gonna say it Now so listen MOST THIRD PARTY GAMES WILL GO TO OTHER CONSOLE. ONLY FIRST PARTY GAMES ARE EXCLUSIVE.

cuco334588d ago

i get you... but now what's pushing me to buy a ps3 to own all 3? mgs4? what if it comes 360 later on. gt5? i got forza 2... haze? even if i can play it on 360, i'ld rather play it on pc... damn, this is not looking good for sony, even with their latest update... i'ld get a ps3 for the games, not for it to scratch my balls and make toast

MK_Red4588d ago

Exclusive or not, this is a great game and I'm definitly getting it wether its on 360 or PS3.

Weed4588d ago

This game looks to good to pass up, regardless of what system its on.

gta_cb4588d ago

yeh i really liked the look of the trailer.

PS360WII4588d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure I read deep say this. I liked the title it was even on the original post on cvg. The whole capitalizing not was genius...

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The story is too old to be commented.