Famitsu Review Scores October 20th

Famitsu review scores have been released for many games including Bayonetta, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and Tekken 6.


Some news has been added. Xbox version of Bayonetta got a perfect score while the PS3 version received a 38/40.

We are updating as scores are given official confirmation.

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RememberThe3575095d ago

I think you need to explain that one.

Elvfam5115095d ago

Tekken 6 scores a 8, 9, 8, 9

ndpad5095d ago

? Those seem like good scores to me.

AAACE55095d ago

I was always curious about Bayonetta because I liked playing DMC 4, but I kind of lost interest in it because I thought it might not be that good. But now I am interested in seeing what it has to offer.

Ghostflight5095d ago

Why? It scored 8's and 9's. Tbh I expected higher.

Noob5095d ago

Scored just as well as Haze.

NeoCloud5095d ago

I am happy to see a Sega game finally getting some good[correction Amazing] scores, lets hope it sells well too. But a prefect score, something's not right.

But Yakuza 3 and VC were Amazing Sega games but i dont think they got perfect scores.

barom5095d ago

Kind of skeptic about that Bayonetta score from playing the demo, it's a great game but a perfect score? I guess I'll wait for the game to come out and make better judgment.

Sarcasm5094d ago

"[PS3/360]Bayonetta 10/10/10/10

[PSP/PS3/360]Tekken 6 8/9/8/9"


SCThor5094d ago

Bayonetta gets perfect 10, I played the demo MANY times and in my eyes is no more that a 8 at best, and in other hand Tekken gets 8's and 9's , so adjusting Famitsu scores taking in consideration Bayonetta's, it REALLY scores 6's and 7's.

In conclusion, Tekken 6 should score way below average in my eyes (lets wait for a demo for confirmation).

Giant_Chibi5094d ago


I don't necessarily agree with that. The game has definitely been awarded a 40/40 for a reason. Considering that this is from the guy who made Okami, I expect nothing less of him. The demo of okami wasn't representative of the entire experience as a whole as well, so, I believe it's in our best interests to experience the entire game first before making a claim that it's an 8.

nirwanda5094d ago

the psp version is rated as the same game as the ps3 and 360 versions, either they isn't much content or the game isn't that great on the next gen platforms to bracket it with the psp version

Ghostflight5094d ago (Edited 5094d ago )

BlazBlue (PS3/360, Arc System Works): 7, 7, 8, 8 - (30/40)
Street Fighter IV (PS3/360, Capcom): 9, 8, 8, 9 - (34/40)
The King of Fighters XII (PS3/360, SNK Playmore): 5, 5, 7, 5 - (22/40)
Virtua Fighter 5 (Xbox 360, Sega): 7 ,8 ,9 ,8 - (32/40)

Looks like Tekken 6 got a great score.

callahan095094d ago

OK, I decided to go check out the demo after seeing the 40/40 for Bayonetta. Wow. It's pretty fun, but I have no idea why it got that score. It's not even close to as fun as any of the God of War games, the Ninja Gaiden games, or the Devil May Cry games. It's a solid 8 in my opinion, but a 10 from all 4 critics? Only the 12th game EVER to get that score? I just don't see how it's possible. Granted, the demo isn't the full game, but I figure it has to be a decent representation of it. I mean, the level designs just seemed kind of sparse and extremely linear, and the action wasn't anything mindblowing when you consider those other action games I mentioned. Just seems really, really weird to me that they gave it that score.

Nikuma5094d ago

You really cannot judge a game based on a demo. I've seen games with great demos turn out to be crap, and I've seen games with bad demos turn out to be great.


If you're basing it off of that ps3 demo of bayonetta then no it won't look all 10s.

callahan095094d ago

Uh, it's got nothing at all to do with it being the PS3 version. It's got everything to do with the level design, enemy design, fighting mechanics, and presentation. The graphics were beautiful and the frame-rate was smooth, those were not the issues I had with the game.

poopface15094d ago

I had a feeling the Japanese would like this game, but I didnt expect that. Defiantly gonna give it a try if it gets scores like this from other places too.

Raz5094d ago

The perfect game has been discovered...and it's *Bayonetta*??!

I mean, she's got a sweet ass and delightfully improbable proportions; but damn. Must be lonely over there at Fapitsu.

I'll give it the benefit of a doubt: it may turn out to be as good as Okami in terms of gameplay, and with jiggle physics FTW! ..Or it might be an ill advised venture into Castlevania-meets-dominatrix-p orn territory.

Goomba125094d ago

Wow why was is different about the xbox version that it would recieve a perfect score and not the PS3 version?

Giant_Chibi5094d ago (Edited 5094d ago )


You say bayonetta is not as fun as devil may cry, but do you even realise that the original creator of devil may cry is also the exact same developer of bayonetta? His name is Hideki Kamiya.

Honestly, If you love devil may cry, then I can't possibly understand why you wouldn't like bayonetta. I mean, this guy's the one who created the dmc franchise, so whatever you liked in dmc, it's all in bayonetta and then some.

because sadly, when sega handled the porting job, it had a few issues, like framerate and poor textures. Though i don't blame sega, since this is very common when a game is ported over from 360 to ps3, but less likely vice versa.

callahan095094d ago

"You say bayonetta is not as fun as devil may cry, but do you even realise that the original creator of devil may cry is also the exact same developer of bayonetta?"

Yes, I was aware of that. I just don't see Bayonetta as being an evolution of the genre. Devil May Cry started it all in a way. Bayonetta is no where near as revolutionary. And frankly, it isn't even as interesting in terms of level design, at least not in my opinion.

Just because the creator of one game makes another, similar game does not mean that his second creation will be as good or better than the original. Look at Major Minor's Majestic March. Nobody was saying it was anywhere near as good as PaRappa the Rapper, even though they're made by the same guy.

Giant_Chibi5094d ago


and you've played the entire game? I just don't see how you can come to that conclusion without playing the actual game in it's entirety.

It's like someone only playing the village portion of resident evil 4 and walking away with the impression that the game is entirely set in a village fighting infected villagers. But there's more to it than that, like the castle or the old facility, and the other various monsters, like the insects or the iron maidens.

My point is that you can't really speak on a game that you haven't seen enough of to know what else it has to offer. And based on Kamiya's track record, I believe he deserves more credit than what he's been given. We haven't had a good, quality console title from japan in a long time and hopefully people will support a developer that has brought alot of originality to the videogame world, instead of another shooter.

callahan095093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

I understand that, but if I was as underwhelmed by the demo portion as I was then I just don't see what the full game can possibly throw at me to make it a perfect-score worthy game. I mean, I thought the same thing with Resistance: Fall of Man. I thought the demo was very underwhelming. Eventually I bought the full game, and I had to concede that the demo was not a good representation of the full game, the full experience was much better. But I still felt that some of my initial opinions based on the demo held true, and that the game wasn't worthy of a perfect score. To display the opposite occurrence, I played the demo for Folklore, and thought "Wow! This game is incredible" and when I played the full version, all of those same feelings were there, and I was just as impressed by the full game as I was by the demo. I feel that demo versions are a good indicator of what to expect from a game, and if you're already noticing things you think are underwhelming or problematic with a demo, I'd say it's fair to expect the full experience to suffer from the same things.

I liked the demo. I thought it was pretty fun. Just not anything overwhelmingly special. To be only the 12th game EVER to get a perfect score from Famitsu? I'm not saying the game is bad with this, I'm just saying I don't see how it deserves a perfect score when so many others that could have deserved it didn't get it. The pioneers of this genre didn't get it. And let's face, this game isn't re-inventing the wheel here.

SCThor5093d ago

The gameplay will be the same on the full game, so there's no possible way of improvement over there. Maybe some different boss battles like the shown on the demo and some QTE, but the graphics quality (not good IMO) will be the same too.

In that kind of games, the demo is a good representation of the core of the game, is like a racing game demo were you get 1 or 2 cars to drive and if you don't like the way the cars move, response, etc., is almost 100% accurate to think that the full game will suffer the same problems but it will have customizations,multiplayer,wha tever that give the game a little extra that you may or may not like.

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saint_john_paul_ii5095d ago

Bayonetta got a perfect score? wow.