Call of Juarez - Wild West Weaponry Trailer

Authentic weapons and bloody online multiplayer makes this western themed shooter one to watch for this summer.

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Frank5564793d ago

I purchased the import release. The graphics and voice acting are good, the AI isn't the best so sometimes the stealth portions are a downer but it doesn't ruin the game. It's much better than GUN!

I wonder if the game will do as well as GUN though...only because of the title 'Call of Juarez'.

USMChardcharger4793d ago

i want a good western so bad...i wish they would do one that was based on a Clint Eastwood character.

hope this is good, but i haven't been impressed with the vids...i have learned though to wait for the final product before placing TOO MUCH judgment.

anyone...was Red Dead Revolver any it worth buying since it is backwards Comp.

PhinneousD4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

the matrix bullet time slowdown bugs. it kinda looses authenticity. maybe i'm wrong, but that kinda game play fits better in the modern/future type fps. it just seems too over used now in video games.

socomnick4792d ago

Love the arrow to the indians head lol that part made me chuckle