Square Enix sees 07/08 profit shrink, shares down

TOKYO, May 23 (Reuters) - Japan's Square Enix Co. on Wednesday posted a 68 percent rise in annual operating profit on strong sales of its "Final Fantasy XII" roll-playing game, but forecast a smaller profit this year, sending its shares lower.

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tplarkin74754d ago

Expect the 360 to be fully supported, including FFXIII. FFXIII may even be released on "day 1" with the PS3 version.

CrazzyMan4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

xbox360 will get multiplatofrm Last Remnant on UE3.0 and some MMORPG, so i think it is a support. =)
and if KH3 will be made on UE3.0, then it will also probably go to x360.
all game from square, which will be made on UE3.0 will have a high chance to go to x360.

But for now, White Engine is exclusive to PS3. and making such Engine to go multiplatform will take atleast 1,5 year.

For Example:

"--MT Framework supports multiplatform. In addition to 360 and PC, they are implementing it for PS3 too. Apparently PC support was developed mainly for development efficiency and prototyping, not really for actual product release. In Oct. 2005 the prototypes for Lost Planet and Dead Rising were already up and running. Around this time, to answer requests for the PS3 version from other people in Capcom they started implementation for PS3 by reusing the basic design of the framework. The PC/360 version was developed by 3 people and then 5, and for the PS3 version 4 people were added.--"

So, DR came almost after 1 year, and LP after 1 year + several month. To port LP on pc takes a half a year. And LP is short enough game.
DMC4 for ps3 on same engine will come only in 2008, so almost after 2 year, when the engine was ready on pc/x360.

Now, i am not sure, is WE ready for ps3, we will probably see that at E3, but, if this engine wasn`t creating simultaneously, then it will take 1 year to adopt engine for xbox360 + 1 year to port such BIG game. So in some 2010 there could be FFXIII release on x360. Still interested? Maybe. =)

Bonsai12144754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

its because they don't have any major hard hitters coming out in late 07/beginning of 08. they're one major console release this year is Dawn of Mana.

plus if they did start supporting 360, it would be years before the game came out, cause squenix is infamous for taking as long as they need for the game to be of AAA quality. so supporting 360 would do absolutely nothing for the short run, which is what this article is focused on.

after a great year with FFXII and various other, its about time they took a break. 08 will be a huge year for them, with all the XIII variations coming out plus all the other titles not affiliated with FF.

PS360WII4754d ago

after a 68% rise in profit I don't think share drop is going to scare them into multiplatform release on there FF. Come on guys 360 is getting Last Remenats and such. Bonsai is right shares are going down becuase they really don't have anything big coming of for a bit now.

CyberSentinel4754d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

And not showing the 360 any love, and see where you will be in 2009.
There is no such thing as a $660 (PS3+FF13) dollar game to this gamer.
I will not buy a PS3 for one game.

@4.2: No, I wasn't suggesting that they would be out of business by 2009. Only that they will experience more and more revenue losses each quarter until they decide to show the only REAL next gen "GAMING" platform some love. How much of a beating their company/pride can withstand, is up to them. Welcome change and jump in.

wildcat4754d ago

No one buys a console for just ONE game

PS360WII4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Cyber... are you suggesting that SE is gonna go out of buisness in 2009 because they aren't putting out FFXIII on 360?!! lol that's a good joke man.

Oh and IF they only made remakes (which they don't) they'd be able to stay in business for 20+ years and on. SE is also making games that play on the 360 in fact there is one out right now! FFXI which by the way is an awesome game ^^ I have it on PC but I'm sure it rocks on the 360 as well

solidt124754d ago

No one buys a console for one game but Sony has at least 12 games I want that come out this year(6 already pre-ordered). Microsoft has one(Mass Effect, Maybe Halo 3, can get Bioshock on PC)

BIadestarX4754d ago

Actually... I would. I would buy a PS3 for Final Fantasy or Metal Gear. I think each is worth $600 + Game. I've playing all versions of final fantasy and all major version of metal gear. Even if I they bring it to a console I dislike I would buy it just to play the games. I am a gamer not a console lover. If I like the games even if one I would pay it. Call me crazy... but only certain type of people (Sony Fanboys) purchase a system because of the specs or because they believe games WILL COME. Some of us prefer waiting for the goods to be available before buying something just to have it. Specially now... why should I buy a PS3 when the games I really want to play will not be out for another year.
Notice: it's my opinion... and you can bring a huge list of games that will be available for the PS3 that you are looking forward to get your hands on... but, it does not mean I want them. The way I see is... the games I am willing to play $600+game for are not available now.. When they are release then I will buy the console. I would hate myself if I purchase a PS3 just to see this game go multiplatform. I understand if I didnt have a 360 already.. maybe it wouldnt matter which console I pick... but rather spend $60 for a game than spend $600+$60 to play the same game.

gta_cb4754d ago

and thats why you have 6 bubbles and not 1

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