Metroid Prime 3 - Destined to Sell poorly?

Perhaps, when you look at the bigger picture, Metroid Prime 3 is a niche game that just so happens to be polished to near perfection. After all, would the Metroid Prime series, if ported over or even made exclusively, sell like hotcakes on 360 or PS3 assuming the games met the respective graphical standards?

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Covenant4754d ago

Metroid has a 20+ year record of greatness and is one of Nintendo's more recognizable franchises...this will sell.

I mean, we know Samus can kick Master Chief's armor-clad why can't this outsell Halo 3? ;)

(Seriously, this will be a good seller. Probably not Halo 3/GTA good, but definitely a million +).

closedxxx4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

I'll keep my FPS games on a console with a standard controller, or a pc with a keyboard and mouse. The Wii-mote is good for simulating actions / movements, but I've fond it to be a bit annoying as a pointing device. Couple that with the mediocre (at BEST) graphics, and I'm afraid it will be a bland combo.

Note to the ignorant. I didn't say it wouldn't sell, but I am saying it wont look or play very well.

XxZxX4754d ago

right?? HALO 3 will sell superb and MP3 is doom to fail?? right............

Bonsai12144754d ago

MP3 will be great.. i remember playing the first on my cousin's gamecube the first day it was out, and i was completely blown away with it. even if i play it now, it's amazing.

hopefully it'll sell great, cause pretty much all the metroids are amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.