Halo 2 VS Halo 3

A good comparison that shows the improved graphics in Halo 3.

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MADGameR4753d ago

Just high res and a few details. Thats all.

WilliamRLBaker4753d ago

lets see more detailed spartan models, more detailed weapon models, more vehicles, more weapons, bigger maps, more dense maps, better textures on every thing...yep just high res and a few details all right...

power of Green 4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Cracks me up when playing both games on a 42" LCD and hearing comments like this.

"Shadow Flare" Are you sure you're not a moron?. Are you saying all developers develope their games in the same fashion?. Just because games have the same window of Beta to release doesn't mean they're put together the same way and any order, from what i noticed PlayStation games generally showcase what the devs like/want the game to look in tech demo's or games that are graphiclly far ahead than the rest of the game in progress and then it gets balaced out or the devs will attempt to bring the visual first shown in tech demos etc. vs MS's showing off what the gameplay is all about then working on graphics and wowing people. Halo 3 beta is made up of place holders etc. how many times do people have to be told when itching to bash Halo what we're looking at now in the "Halo 3 beta Multi player" could be radiclly different from the final release as the devs said.

OC_MurphysLaw4753d ago

People kill me. Take that back...fanboys kill me.

@MADGameR.....Are you serious? You some how are failing to see the significant graphical upgrade to the enviornments? I would think even the most brash Sony Fanboy would look at these screens and say "yes" graphically it has been enhanced quite a bit.

I will say the over all look and feel of the game is very similar. Hud is similar, perspecitive is similar, color schemes, etc... it has the same tried and true Halo look to it.

BUT it looks a helluva lot better than H2.

This ......was a great comparison to look at...but even its not a very fair one as again...we compare a finished game (last gen) to a Beta build of a next gen game. I have no doubts the final H3 will look fantastic and graphically WAY superior to H2 as it already does and it's only the beta build.

clownfacemcgee4752d ago

The pics aren't showing, which sux because I wanted to look at them. I've seen another one though and it didn't looks that great, but I hear there are some very cool effects btw. O and sorry about leeching off of your post, but I wanted to get this as close to the top as possible so everyone would know the pics are down.

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sumfood4u4753d ago

More detailed in texture, to an equalivent fraction of Greatness!

MADGameR4752d ago

I'm no SONY fanboy so stop pointing at me as a fanboy. You 3 are just ignorant. It hurts you that bad that I said something about it? Its just overhyped man. Halo 1 was the best. Get a life and try framing someone else as a fanboy. Anyone else who tries to get defensive about this, I will point u out as the fanboy. I am a gamer, not a fanboy. So get it right. My appologies to some people. Its just these noobs come out and talk without understandment.

Shadow Flare4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

is a game that HITS you in the face straight away and you think, frickin hell those graphics are incredible! Not a game where you have to SEARCH for the good graphics and disect the game apart.

Heavenly Sword and Uncharted for example are games where you straight away think, this is next-gen stuff. It looks awesome.

Halo 3 is a game where we get articles like this doing comparisons (to a last-gen title for crying out loud) to hunt for the good graphics. Mind blowing...Sure Halo 3 is fun, but its because its Halo 2. With a very slight twist

And for the record, Heavenly Sword and Halo 3 are in the exact same stage of devolpment; BOTH Beta's and both launch the same day


ok, sorry you're right about the shaky cam Halo 3 pic. I've changed it now. And a pic of Lair, also Beta. I think my point still stands

T-Virus4753d ago

You get a pic of Halo 3 from a shaky cam photo, then compare them to CGI screen capture.

OC_MurphysLaw4753d ago

You beat me to the punch! I was just thinking the same thing. How can you compare a CGI cut scene to a in game shot take via a hand held camera? Totally comical!

candystop4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

click disagree if your gay!

calderra4753d ago

They're totally different art styles. It's been said a million times- Halo can only ever reach a certain level of graphics, because it will always be very clean and almost comic-book-ish in a certain way. Halo 3 is basically the ultimate evolution of that. It's "clean" sci-fi taken to the max.

Examples: You don't see pores on characters' skin... because the characters aren't showing any/much skin. You don't see a lot of grime encrusting all over everything because that's not the art style. Well, except maybe in Flood levels. But we haven't seen those yet.

Halo 3 does have a lot of things the other game doesn't have. For example, you need a magnifying glass to find jaggies in Halo 3, even on a 30+" television. In Heavenly Sword, jaggies abound. And you see tons more detail in Gears of War... but the very largest map in Gears is probably smaller than smallest map yet seen in Halo 3. Halo 3's fluidity of animation and framerate absolutely shames virtually all competitors. Halo 3 also has a million tiny details that few other games can think of matching- bullet casings not only fall to the ground, they have individual physics and will realistically roll and bounce down an incline after they hit.

But details like these are totally lost on 90% of people who just look at (generally tiny) screens side-by-side and declare a winner without thinking about anything actually happening in the screen at all.

techie4753d ago

"If you look at some earlier shot's of heavenly swords like cloth and fingers you can easily see that all they did was add lighting and a few effects to kind of cover up the kind of last gen look it had"

I'm not entering into this stupid comparing debate, but you lost me RIGHT there candy. HS was hailed as being a game that looked truly next gen since it was unveiled for a publisher almost 3years ago. It now looks a multitude better, this game is MUCH more than a few effects. If it was any platform this would still be one of the most impressive games out there...a dev that actually took the time to create a true next gen game way before other devs had even thought about it. You have no idea hwat you're talking about...i've watched this game for three years, even before it was announced as a ps3 title.

Alan Wake makes Uncharted look bad? What are you doing candy? Uncharted is one of the most impressive titles, if not the most when we talk about textures, water, animation etc.

Shadow Flare why do you have to be such a d*ck and enter into this and start comparing completely different games and criticising Halo3. Sh*t can't you just leave it as is. It looks good for gods sake.

fenderputty4753d ago

Ummm ... yeah ... pretty much.

ImTheNumber124753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Anybody can make any game look ugly. All you need is to mess around with ingame shots, shots of playing off screen, Target renders, and take a picture of pgr3 and call it GTHD

So all of heavenly sword is played that close into the main characters face? Did not know that.

candystop4753d ago

You know that's my bad for letting Shadow invoke me into saying some stuff that I normally wouldn't say! Yes HS and Uncharted are great looking games and shouldn't be compared to others so just ignore my last comment! It's been a great week for all of us but now all of a sudden these stupid comparisons start popping up and were back at it again with each other!

techie4752d ago

Good for you candy :)

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SimmoUK4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

I thought Microsoft would do more for this one it feels kinda rushed for a flagship title, it looks better but not by as much as i was expecting, anyway there saving grace is that it probably plays well but graphically not impressed...

Maybe weve just been spoilt with graphics in other games, i meen bungie was never pushing the graphics bounderies with halo 2 that didn't look to good so I can accept why this looks average...

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