'Call of Duty 3 Screens & Trailers

In a new feature for the Call of Duty series, close-quarters battle mechanics Bring you face-to-face with your enemy. Fight hand-to-hand, disarm traps, improvise explosive devices, and execute a host of other battlefield challenges that require cunning and swift reflexes.

Environmental physics let you destroy enemies' soft cover hideouts, such as wooden walls, barrels and crates-forcing your foes out in the open. But watch out-they can eliminate your protection as well.

Flank your opponent, or hit him head on. Next-generation level design provides multiple attack routes that let you decide how to confront the enemy. Each choice you make requires you to use special tactics, from sniping and demolition to straight out frontal assaults.

Execute parachute drops, armored assaults or SAS commando raids. Riddle battlefields with tank shells and explosives. Drive tanks to topple barricades and invade enemy emplacements.

Intense multiplayer functionality has been built from the ground up. Up to 24 players can battle it out as a variety of player classes, including riflemen, infantry, scouts, and others. Multiple-occupancy vehicles let you coordinate attacks with friends, driving while they fire a mounted machine gun from the turret. The game's wide range of vehicles include tanks, jeeps and motorcycles with sidecars

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remoteXimpaler5451d ago

in the second to last looks good

TiTuS5451d ago

Cod 3 is looking a bit better than last time i saw it and hopfully the Multi is as fun as Cod 2

Brooklynite5451d ago

i have cod2 for my 360 but im going to get cod3 for the wii. it looks fun.

OutLaw5451d ago

They said Call of Duty 3 would be a PS3 launch game, and the game would not have 1080p output (the game will be identical to the Xbox 360 version, so 720p/1080i).

So there shouldn't be any arguments about the PS3 version being better.

bumnut5451d ago

this game will be nowhere near as good as cod2 it will be more like cod finest hour on xbox. this game is not made by infinity ward like cod2

TheXgamerLive5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

I do know what your saying, they have big shoes to fill and on a "true" next gen. level but I think there doing that and much more. We'll have to see if the maps are as fun or more fun and engaging but graphically w/all the optional gameplay there adding, no problems, it's already a better game. A demo will truly tell, lets wait til then to know.

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The story is too old to be commented.