The 100 Best Products of 2007

PC world's editors rank the best PCs, HDTVs, components, sites, and services. This seems to be a bit premature since the year is not even half over with but never the less the list doesn't seem to bad.

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MK_Red4580d ago

Weak list. Adding Xbox360 with its high failure rate and bad design while missing PS3!? NO SONY product in the whole lisT!!???

JasonPC360PS3Wii4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Intel Core 2 Duo #2 Wow

Wii #3 Nice to see Nintendo back in the game.

Apple iPod Nano #45 Why so low?

RIM Blackberry 8800 #5 I can see that.

Where is the Cell prosseser? Should be on that list.

Apple iPod (80GB) #26 that’s way to low should be top 5

Apple TV #11 its interesting and not interesting at the same time.

Red Octane Guitar Hero 2 #33 I can see where this would be fun but I play a real guitar so this won’t be for me.

CyberPower Gamer Infinity Ultimate #41 drooling need a freaking bib.

PS3 # nothing (because it’s a piece of sh!t) don’t even have rumble. Hey Fony fans you can always pretend you have rumble, just shake your hands up and down real fast and make rumble sounds with your voice rrrrhhhhh ptttttttsssssss zzzzaaaaaa if you time it just right you might be able to remember what it was like.

ErcsYou4580d ago

jason , you like that vibrating controller dont you! iiittttt fffeeeelllsss ssoooo gggoooooddd . i hope you dont let your friends touch that thing....perv

ITR4580d ago

The iPods are low because everyone is waiting on the iPhone and the next gen iPods with touchscreens.

ben hates you4580d ago

what being super fanboys and having one bubble can do to you *cough jason, mkred

ErcsYou4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

no iphone??? boooooo! this list is bull Sh!t. if you dont have the iphone in your list of top one hundred for 2007 , you lose all credibility...oh ya, the ps3 was to much for a bunch of 45 year old mag editors who love windows and get bribes from M$ " free beer for every one " a$$. can you read??? "Our editors rank the best PCs, HDTVs, components, sites, and services. Plus: the products we're looking forward to next year" iphone should be on their vista either..

BOOSTIN4580d ago


what? no 2020 chevy hydrogen powered Tahoe?

ITR4580d ago

The iPhone comes out next month.

Xi4580d ago

because iphone is ilame. blackberry is a lot more popular, the iphone is just a phone that's hard to use.

alsef074580d ago

Pretty good list, but still even though i know ps3 isnt doing well, its very surprising it isnt on the list. I was expecting it to see it around the last 20.

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