Sony Unveils Results on Four-layer Micro-Reflector Holographic Recording

Sony Corp. presented its achievements on data reading/writing on a medium equivalent to four-layer disc with the use of Micro-Reflector recording, a type of holographic recording. Thus far, the company has unveiled the results only on a single-layer medium.

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BIadestarX4193d ago

Is this Green-Ray that will be shipped with the PS4?

gta_cb4193d ago

green ray... have i missed some news? of are you taking the p!ss?
and yeh i CAN imagen Sony pushing another format as we have seen in the past

PS4 - BluRay

i just hope that IF they put a green ray player in ;) that they dont start making movies for it, and that they carry on with the BluRay otherwise the movie format war should automaticly go to HD-DVD.

bootsielon4193d ago

Loading times should improve a lot too.

Kyur4ThePain4193d ago

Do you think MS will have moved on from DVD by then?

gta_cb4193d ago

well let me put it this way, if they havnt, i WONT be buying their next system!

Lord Anubis4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Perhaps not, for people think DVD has enough storage.

Don't know how or why they think its enough storage but oh well.

The industry should have stayed with cartridges!

pilotpistolpete4193d ago

People thought 3.5" floppys were plenty

gta_cb4193d ago

quite good info when you read the article.