GamesRadar: Borderlands Review

Borderlands lacks the charm of Fallout 3, Mass Effect, or Half-Life 2, but it does offer a crap-ton of 'roided-out bandits, effed-up dog things, giant spider demons, and screeching pterodactyl beasts to shoot with a crap-ton of guns. And that's really what it's about – finding weapons and shooting things with them. You have to assign a skill point now and then, and there's kind of a story, but those things don't matter much. You can skip the text description of every quest in the game, because they will always consist of the following steps:

A. Go somewhere.
B. Kill some shit.
C. Flip a switch or something.
D. Kill some more shit.
E. Success!

It's a bit like an MMO in that respect. Quest-giving characters yammer like schizophrenic cassette players, barking out the same few lines every time you enter or exit their domicile, and vacantly assign you quests which you will not read the descriptions of. The bulk of the game is a combat grind, and everything else just exists to offer a modicum of structure. And if this all sounds horribly negative, keep reading – Borderlands is not a bad game, and for some, the heavy focus on combat and loot collecting will be a plus (it's not as if it hasn't been done before…talking to you, Diablo).

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Myst4981d ago

Hmm, seems like all around this game will get at least between a B ranged score all the way to an A- range. Personally I still think it's awesome and I'm glad that it comes out tomorrow, can't wait to pick it up.

Though now that I see the story I wonder if it will be another passing thing or if I will actually pay attention to it.

maawdawg4981d ago

Story or not if a game has good co-op and a bunch of loot I have a hard time putting it down. I am surprised at the reviews myself. I thought this might get the niche title treatment but it is getting 80 or better everywhere.

Myst4981d ago

Yeah, I knew from the first few reviews that it would get at least an 8 or above. So more than likely most places found the game to be refreshingly fun and such.

I also agree that good co-op and loot will make the game more enjoyable, not to mention if the boss fights and regular fights will be hard in some degree as well.


DonCorneo4981d ago

but why bother with a good game when you have excellent games like demon's souls, uncharted 2 and r&c: acit this month.

chrisulloa4981d ago

It could've been a lot better, but it seems the co-op is pretty good. Worth buying just for co-op. Not a good time to release it though, with UC2 and Forza 3 this month.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4981d ago

I agree with Gamesradar lately

Halo 3 OSTD 7/10 Huuuge flop

Uncharted 2 10/10 Simply perfection

Borderlans 8/10 Decent game,superior on the Playstation 3 and PC of course

chrisulloa4981d ago

Forza 3 10/10, Yeah I agree as well.

Borderlands PS3 = Borderlands 360