Tom Clancy's EndWar Fully Voice Controlled

It is no secret that the Real-Time Strategy game has always had a hard time coming to consoles. The nature of the gameplay itself makes the game play a most difficult item to translate to the confines of a console controller. Even now, games like Command & Conquer 3, and the Lord of the Rings games haven't gotten it quite right.

So, how does a developer get around this minor road block? Well, according to Ubisoft, you make the whole damn game voice-controlled. Sounds cool, huh? Well, remember that most games that have tried this in the past have had less than successful implementations. After all, every human being's voice has a different depth, pitch and carry. Thankfully, Ubisoft is covering their own butts by also allowing a classic control scheme as well.

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The Snake4582d ago

Finally, a game I can play when my motor skills aren't quite up to par.


this is going to be majorly glitchy

mcintosh2334582d ago

if they pull this off it could revolutionise certain aspects of gaming.

don't know if it'll cope with my accent however (strong scottish)

could be fun in a fps, your squaddie walks in they way and you could just shout "move" and the squaddie will be like "sorry sir" and move