Piracy hurting PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe

Examiner: PixelJunk Monsters is one of the best selling Playstation Network games on the Playstation 3. Unfortunately, the PSP version, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, isn't finding the same success due to the high piracy rates.

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-EvoAnubis-5384d ago

How is this getting pirated? It doesn't have a UMD release, does it?

UNCyrus5384d ago

right, there's no UMD release, but there are torrent files of it already out there

-EvoAnubis-5384d ago

Really!? Dammit; being a PSN exclusive was supposed to stop crap like this.

El_Colombiano5384d ago

Haha! I'm sorry to say, but pirates will NEVER be stopped. Shame really.

ReservoirDog3165384d ago

I was always gonna get this at some point but now it's a priority.

This is why we hate pirates. Piracy doesn't hurt anyone right? Now we'll never see pixeljunk shooter on the PSP. Because of those pirates...

-EvoAnubis-5384d ago

Exactly, and that's what pisses me off.

UNCyrus5384d ago

no... you'll never see Pixeljunk Shooter on the PSP because the PSP can't handle the fluid dynamics

sikbeta5384d ago


ehhhh...nothing related to the article

Piracy need to end once and for all, I don't need Devs that don't want to release a game because of piracy, the a$$#oles who use a P2P service to not buy games don't understand if they don't stop they'll f*ck the gaming experience for all

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Why Dat5384d ago

:( this is a good game too. Come on guys.. support the developers and buy the game...!

Close_Second5384d ago

...is a GREAT game!!!

PJM is perfect for portable gaming and is easily one of the standout titles on the PSP. Its a shame pirates are too selfish to see how much damage their actions cause.

Sony need to start offerring insentives for buying the game. Maybe offer you a free download (e.g. a MINI) if you register your device once a month on PSN to ensure its legit. Don't just punish everyone because of a few theives but reward those who are loyal and hopefully entice a few more to become and stay loyal also.

Why Dat5383d ago

That's actually a really good idea. The way I see it, most people who were on the fence about buying a PSP altogether and/or navigating the PSN store, will have an incentive to try both.

Fishy Fingers5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

Certainly wont of helped, but I still believe PSP piracy is exaggerated. Especially when you compare it to PC or the DS.

crck5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

I don't think piracy is exaggerated. But the effects of piracy on sales probably is. I just don't think that many people are willing to put out $20 for a download only portable tower defense game. Especially one with about half its content recycled from the PS3 version. Not to mention the original was half the price at $10 (I bought it when it was on sale for $5). Personally, I have never spent more then $15 for any downloaded stuff and that was for SSF HD Remix.

dabri55384d ago

Every single person I know who owns a PSP has it modded so they can play pirated games. At one point, I wanted mine pirated also but never got around to it. Now I have a job so I don't worry about it.
My wife works at a game store and I would say 80% of the PSP's that get traded in are cracked.

SuperStrokey11235384d ago

Not exactly surprising considering how bad piracy is on the psp. I honestly dont know a single psp owner besides myself who hasnt modded theirs... its pretty lame.

LtSkittles5384d ago

I haven't modded mine, because knowing me I would be stupid enough to brick it.

dabri55384d ago

I believe 100% that if the PS3 didn't have games on BlueRay that it would be a pirate machine right now.

Fishy Fingers5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

It doesnt have either a mod chip or custom firmware available. Even if the games were 2mb, you still wouldnt be able to play them.

(By mod chip, I mean one that actually works)

dabri55383d ago

there are plenty of mods that are available that require no mod chip. Just look at the PSP. If it weren't for the fact that the games are so damn big, the PS3 would be cracked by now.

-Both the wii, 360, ds, and psp all have mods that don't require a mod chip and allow you to play pirated games. The only difference with the PS3 is that the games are too big it becomes too big of a inconvenience to pirate them. Even if it could play burned blurays, whats the point when blue ray disk costs the same as a used ps3 game.

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