Haze Developer Interview -New Screens, Releasing Fall 2007

This is a global interview conducted at the UBIDAY event in Paris.

"Working on PS3 has allowed us to create vastly superior environments that verge on photorealism – full-screen effects, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and obscenely complex shaders. Its more challenging than ever before, but the power is greater than anything else that's out there."

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CrazzyMan4584d ago

atleast that what was saying David Doak, a founder of Free Radical.
But Haze is still possible of coming on pc/xbox360 in 2008 i think. =)
Well just watch this - =)

FordGTGuy4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

"How about parallelism? Does the engine support multiple processors?

[SE] Yes, it has to. The architectures of PS3, X360 and high-end PC’s are fairly different, but they all have one thing in common – parallel processing. The challenge for us has been in designing a solution that will work well across the platforms."

EDIT - In the interview you linked to he said next-gen machines not PS3 exclusive.

techie4584d ago

Ford it's def multiplatform. We're just not sure whether it's timed or not.

CrazzyMan4584d ago

in THIS 2007 FALL - only for ps3. =)

LoveHateTragedy4584d ago

"Our AI characters used to be able to bounce grenades off 5 different walls to land directly at your feet. The challenge has been in making them fallible."

I can imagine the testers were like "WTF!!" whenever this happened to them. I mean, it's bad enough when we pull this crap in Halo. Nice to see that they're getting great results out of PS3.

Xi4584d ago

maybe it would help if they made their grenades more realistic.

Cartesian3D4584d ago

screens are just amazing.. I will get it for ps3 if support mouse and keyboard.. I will pick pc version otherwise..

anyway it smells we will have another good FPS..

Bathyj4583d ago

That way every game has mouse support.

tehcellownu4584d ago

its time exclusive..but its good that their makin the game on the ps3 and takin advantage of it

Xi4584d ago

it's also ubisoft, which leads me to believe the games will come out at the same time(graw 2, sc:da, rb6v)

TheMART4584d ago (Edited 4583d ago )


The developer in that video you supplied says clearly, that the game is being developed for next gen consoleS.

Sounds like another game from Ubisoft we've heard before... Assassins Creed actually. Same story again. Sony fanboys are falling over each other to say its the power of the PS3 and suddenly it will be on 360 also from day one.

Expect the same with Haze. I guess the only thing Ubi tries, is Sony to cough up some money to get it timed exclusive. They tried with Assassins Creed, but Sony doesn't pay up probably


Suddenly it hit me why the 360 gets it later then fall...

Halo 3 has been put in September instead of the original November, which would make it hard for ANY shooter to arrive about the same time! Clearly a nice marketing move, the PS3 hasn't got many shooters, can do nicely to compete with Halo 3 then and the Halo fanatics will buy Haze for the 360 in 2008 to enjoy it

@ Deep (below)

Dude, please. Why do you want to have credits for everything? 'Oh I said something like that also I must put my comment here, because everyone has to know. I want to declare myself as the big all knowing oracle bla bla bla

Dude, did I say it only hit me? Well? I haven't read your post dude, otherwide it wouldn't have hit me instantly. You know some things can be thought of through identical thinking processes, right? The wheel could be invented twice.

Ah well I know you want everybody to say: oh look Deep knows all, its deep again, deep you're our God. Dude, go buy a next gen console and then come back talking about it.

You're like an 8 year old watching a Ferrari... Once I will have it... once...

ngg123454583d ago

This is the first intelligent comment you said on this board. You deserve some positive feedback.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4583d ago

Halo 3 is a big factor when it comes to when games get released. No one wants to go up against it. Remember when Project Snoblind came out, that was a fantasic underated game but it got smothered in Halo 2 lime light. Shouldnt even have to mention the disaster that was Killzone (I own Killzone got it from the bargin bin)

"Halo fanatics will buy Haze for the 360 in 2008 to enjoy it"

agree again Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Quake Wars, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield: Bad Company, BlackSite: Area 51, Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Unreal Tournament 3 and not to mention Shadowrun and The Darkness. Yeah FPS are my fav but thats realy more then I can handle, so I hope pushed to 08 because there is just to much to buy.

techie4583d ago

LOL. It only just hit you?

"Deep: I'll tell you why this is perfect business. This is releasing around the same time as Halo. Best to put the title on a platform which doesn't have the competition...otherwise Haze may fall short on the 360 when released so early...give it some space."


techie4583d ago

Well it was just watching a 360 that was amusing didn't want to believe it, but there was clearly a good reason for it....and you wouldn't have missed it as you'd be playing Halo3. So watching you suddenly realise after it had sunk in was amusing to say the least.

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