46k angry PC gamers sign Modern Warfare 2 petition

46,000 angry PC gamers are petitioning against Infinity Ward's decision to drop dedicated online servers from Modern Warfare 2.

Speaking to site BashandSlash, community man Robert Bowling revealed that the PC sequel would be opting for a console-like matchmaking system via rather than the traditional option, thus sending the community absolutely loopy.

"WHAT THE f***!!!! This is such bullshit. This is taking XBL putting on PC and saying have fun. If sucks ill say bye bye to MW2 and hello CoD4," posted one pleasant Call of Duty fan, who's among 46,054 people petitioning against the decision.

Another angry PC gamer vented his displeasure through a YouTube video, which you can see below.

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paul03884970d ago

Dedicated servers have been a staple of online PC gaming. You meet up with friends in the usual server and have a blast. That's not possible with MW2.

I did plan to buy on both PC & 360, but since they're both basically the same now, I think I'll stick with the 360 version...