PSP Firmware 3.50 Coming

In lieu of the incoming PS3 Firmware 1.8 update, Sony is also prepping Firmware 3.50 for the PSP, that is set to further enhance PS3 to PSP connectivity by providing support for the PS3's new internet-enabled Remote Play feature, which allows PSP users to access their PS3 remotely from any available WiFi connection.

PSP Firmware 3.50 will be available at the end of this month.

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THE_JUDGE4193d ago

Can I get this update via my PS3? Like hook up the PSP to the PS3 and download it?

zslash4193d ago

No, the PSP has its own update system. When a new firmware is available you just go to "Network Update" and follow the instructions to update.

gta_cb4193d ago

there is a network update above USB mode. all you need to do is connect it to your wireless lan, or download it on your computer, and pass if thru your USB cable if you dont have a wireless network

THE_JUDGE4193d ago

What if you don't have an wireless internet connection?

Vip3r4193d ago

You can download it off the PSP website.

gta_cb4193d ago

download it on your computer, and pass if thru your USB cable if you dont have a wireless network

sonarus4193d ago

Wait so does that mean the remote play won't work till the end of the month?

VaeVictus4193d ago

Not until the end of the month...which is just a few days away.

BIadestarX4193d ago

Upgrade my firmware and stop running my homebrew applications? No thanks... If I can't resist the need of viewing what's being playing on my PS3(when I get one) while I am not home... I must rather buy another one on ebay.

clownfacemcgee4193d ago

I want to upgrade my psp, but losing Pokemon would be a big bummer. Homebrew can do so much cool stuff, but i'd be too afraid to connect it to my PS3 if it has a custom firmware and homebrew on it. At $170 though, I might just think about buying a new one to connect to my PS3. Content streaming while at school, or in Europe, is just awesome.

gta_cb4193d ago

dont worry, i am sure Dark_Alex will have another custom fw out in a week or 2, i am going to wait, otherwise i would deff regret it. as would you prob.

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