The Top 10 Qualities to Look For in a "Gamerchick"

DualShockers write:

We all know statistically men play more video games than women, but what we don't know is that there is a considerable amount of women who play as well. Women who play video games, already that sounds hot, but there has to be some degree as to what makes a chick who loves gaming, a 'Gamerchick', to be your own Gamerchick. I, who had nothing to do this Saturday morning thought long and hard, and this is my top ten list on the qualities of a Gamerchick. Read well gentlemen.

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taz80805154d ago

That is a good trait as well.

JsonHenry5154d ago

You don't want a gamerchick. You want a girl that accepts the fact you play video games without giving you crap for it.

InFAMOUS15154d ago

ahahah this list IS my girlfriend. EXCEPT for #1.. I dont remember the last time I bought her something video game related and ended up getting naked on the couch or bed... But she is a gamerchik. I will say that it was never a turn on for me that she was, it was more of a sweeeet deal kinda thing. I LOVE video games, and sometimes its hard to convey that love to people who dont love them. So to have someone that loves them just as much as you sleep in the same bed just makes it soooooo much easier

Me1on5154d ago

You mean the girl, who said she was a girl, that you met online riiiiight. And probably slept on the same bed with you on second life.


InFAMOUS15154d ago

well in the sad, dark and lonely world you live in perhaps that is true. But in my reality it is not. I happened to meet my girl attending college. We both happened to be doing paramedics and I needed to change my clinical hours and got bumped to her class.. So read as you will my virgin hater, but I know that when I turn on my copy of UC2 my girl aint gonna b!tch that I aint spending enough time with her.. LOSER!

Me1on5154d ago


How uncomfortable can it be to be teased by a guy who posts comments on a gaming portal? hahahaa.

Relax dummy.

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Tomarcus5154d ago

I wish my girlfriend played games... I guess I am lucky since she doesn't mind that I play them all the time.

taz80805154d ago

Wish there were more split screen coop games.

taz80805154d ago

Willing to try a game is a good quality.

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