Does Sony have a valid reason to blame the consumer?

A recent quote by Dave Karakker, Sony America's Director of Corporate Communications, brings up an interesting argument. He asserts that the Playstation 3's failure is a result of the internet, media, and fickle consumers. Does he have a real claim, or is he just creating a consumer scapegoat? Could Sony have acted better? Read's discussion over the issue.

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DrWan4168d ago

he wasn't blaming consumers, 99% of the ppl who bash the PS3 do not own or plan to buy one. How is this a "consumer scapecoat" calling. Negative press was accelerated by a minor vocal...go ask any normal ps2 fans who doesn't trout this board they dont even know what BluRay i was talking to my brother the other day. What's bluRay? he was assuming PS3 still using same dvd format..

Trust me, alot of ppl have no idea. Minority definately has a bigger voice than they should on the internet, and does not represent the mass's opinions.

cain1414168d ago

America is a consumer nation, but in fact everyone is a consumer by the very definition of it: “One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing.” (American Heritage Dictionary) Just because a consumer says “this product is not worth my money,” that in no way takes away from the consumer status.

DrWan4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

what is your target audience? what is your target consumers? try to convince a normal man to wear tampons. a Fanboy, a Sony hater, whatever you call it, have such narrow mind track and such extreme attitude, they do not qualify for ur target audience and thus these are not potential customers to Sony. These are the very people who has the loudest noise on mesg board, extremists. Normal players do not come here and express our feelings and look at previews and news all day. This includes you and me, we are not normal, we do not represent Sony's intended target audience. Sony's main target are PS2 players who are looking for upgrades in the near future.

cain1414168d ago

Sony has been described as looking for the more “hardcore gamer” giving things the Wii cannot. I’ve also heard it called a [insert premium, expensive sports car name] to the Wii’s affordable mass production status. By that standard, the Playstation is trying to appeal to the more informed gamer. The very fact that they boast the most in hardware specifications defends that argument. They talk about how their hardware specs blow the Xbox 360 and Wii out of the water. To the uninformed gamer, this means nothing. So in turn it just shows they are again missing their target audience if we go by your description of there audience.

DrWan4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I wouldn't say I got "owned" or not, before i open my mouth on this issue i know there will be ppl who will disagreed with me, by all means, discuss. A controversial topic indeed.

But by labeling the topic of the article, "Does Sony have a valid reason to blame the consumer?" is a little misleading. I am trying to justify the fact that Sony didn't blame consumers, they didn't say that any where in the interview. Because like the person after me said, "well everyone is a consumer", no kidding, everyone with buying power is consumer, but who is consuming the PS3s? Did Dave say "consumers" are putting Sony down, no, he just said a vocal minority did, and he wants to get the point acorss that a vocal minority does not represent the mass audience. I certainly believe only the hardest of the hardcore comes to this kind of new sites everyday to see waht is going on with gaming communities. Softcore gamers may visit once every few weeks/months for a game review before they buy it after they see it in store (bc they don't really know what is coming out when). Now if only the hardest of the hardcore is saying "PS3 sucks blah blah blah", does that represent all the softcore as well? Of course not, it is not even a random sampling of the PS3 audience or future consumers.

That's all Dave is saying, and to argue on the basis that i got owned on the idea of consumerism is overlooking the big picture of the article and argument.

However, I must tell Dave and everyone in Sony the success and failure of the PS3 will not be change permanent by a few bad press, once the games are out exclusively for the PS3, and price has dropped. People will pick up the box, you really cannot ignore the fact this is the SONY PS3, can't ignore the fact that deep inside ppl's heart they really do want to get a PS3 because they have owned a PS2 and PS1 before it. If you disagreed with me and you own a PS2, i would like to hear why, because most PS2 gamers i have talked to would like to continue their gaming experience on the PS3 because the hardware is reliable (some PS2 issues they say, but mine is at launch and still running, PS1 is with modded chipped and still running when i check a fe w months ago).

EDIT: Deepliest - what sup with ALL the "lame attempt" posts throughout the thread on almost everyone's reply and posts? Excellent example of a fanboy, saids nothing about the topic, just posts one line negative posts about a system you don't care about all over the place. I forgive you for ur inability to have a discussion though bc I don't really care about one line comments that doens't make a point

deeplies4168d ago

lame attempt, just go away dude leave the keyboard alone.

kewlkat0074168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I like him...Bubble for you.

Fanboys aside, Now thats a "Consumer", and he knows what he is talking about, for which I totally Agree. I couldn't put it any there.

Obviously SONY did not have its "Target Audience" in mind when creating this console. I have had most consoles and even I can see where they F#$ked up, only a true loyalist care to disagree and try to spin/twist Sony's image squeaky clean.

DrWan I see where you are "defending" and it's all good(better than stupid Xbox sucks and MS can die, and Sony rules rant) but "stick a fork in it "Your Done"

4168d ago
deeplies44168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

old ken is that you or are you related to him in anyway shape or form. Because you know I want to learn some discipline.

"Everyone will know discipline" -Old Ken

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Odion4168d ago

lol i like how he said what i thought no one would say

They shouldn't have hyped Killzone 2 like it was Halo 3,Killzone was a medioce shooter at best.

Tonberry4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

You have to much bubbles

You have to much bubbles

deeplies24168d ago

please let me help you on that.

BubblesDAVERAGE4168d ago

THEY NEVA SAID ANYThING ABOUT HALO 3..they even said the halo series was a good game...its Xbox fans who compare it to halo...Never did sony say anything about halo and killzone....LEARN THAT ALL

cain1414168d ago

That article did not assert they compared it to Halo 3, it asserted they hyped it like it was Halo 3. The difference is Halo and Halo 2 are consider some of the best in FPS gaming. Killzone has never reached that status; however, it has been hyped as if it was of the upper echelon of games.

mboojigga4168d ago

They did thats why the developers are telling Sony and anyone else to shut the Fu*k up because of the comparisons. Killzone 2 is not going to generate the hype Halo 2 had when it launched and the hype Halo 3 will have this September. We will see a game simply released and thats it. You won't see a New York release of Killzone shown on Fox News and so forth.

Also, Sony caused this problem on their own. No remember this system is targeted for a consumber higher then the regular customer(Anyone remember Crazy Ken's comments) Bottom line is, the PS3 is too high priced and has no exclusive games that are worth getting yet. I have not bought a PS3 becuase what the hell for? I am getting my game fix with the 360 for all it offers. The games I want to play are all getting delayed again to 08 for the PS3. Why would I want to buy a system today that won't get any play besides downloading trailers and trying to access Beta's. The games that are multi platform are either not on par with the 360 or just continue to get delayed. I am looking for the exclusive games to play that continue to get delayed.

rusgreim4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

... its fast, its awesome, you can brag to your friends, but you can't use it anywhere.

I may be willing to concede that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360. I might be willing to concede that Blu-Ray will win the format wars. The only things that those concessions prove is that the PS3 is a monster machine.

IT HAS NO GAMES! The games that it does have, and the games that are coming out DO NOT appeal to a broad base of consumers, and when paired with the ginormous price tag of the PS3, you can see that it has insurmountable odds to overcome.

It is possible to lose the war with better equipement, as Sony did previously in the VHS / Betamax battle.

achira4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

you know nothing. it has no game, you are a moron! it has better games the xbox360 had one year before. it needs time to build up a library, you cant expect all AAAA games to be out on day one, can you ? only morons do that ? and what games does the xbox360 have, that a lot of ppl will play ? medicore ego-shooters ? lol.

edit: jahcure: yeah, thats the normal route! ms pays more money to make up and spread FUD about the internet than for anything else. thats really obvious.

whengeeksgobad4168d ago

I'm no Ps3 fanboy, in fact if anything I'm a bit of a hater but I do disagree with you saying you can't use it anywhere. It's still capable of playing ps2 games, and after the firmware update, it will even be upscaling them. That (to me anyway) is pretty impressive and I still love my ps2, so being able to play them upscaled is a great use to me. The games will come out, the ps3 hasn't been out that long and I thought the 360's lineup pretty much sucked until last thanksgiving or so.

Saint Sony4168d ago

You have to blame someone when something turns out to be a failure, but it is a rarity who blame themselves.