14 New Call of Duty 4 Screens

Still in development, Activision has released 14 new Call of Duty 4 screens

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iNcRiMiNaTi4754d ago

infinity ward always does awesome war games and this one looks like itll be too...CoD3 sucked but multiplayer was fun

too bad theyr not doing the 360&PC [that wouldve been pretty cool] thing for the game but thats prolly because they dont wanna f**k over the ps3 gamers that cant play PC gamers and its a smart choice because it doesnt cause any problems or angry gamers saying that this version is better than that.....

Quisp4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Im reminded of a scenerio, where you have a once great professional athlete, who cant bring himself to retire, thus, tarnishing his once brilliant career...

I loved COD and UO. But, I havent seen anything significant brought to the table, since then. These screens might as well be from the first 2 games, and besides, its not all about looks. Maybe the gameplay will add something. The models look too familiar.

iNcRiMiNaTi4754d ago

that theres gonna be choppers and the weapons wont be old school like the previous games, environmental damage [like blowing up a piece of a building to make a better sniper position], no word of multiplayer and the rest is all about how the graphics are better and stuff..

closedxxx4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Is anyone else a little tired of the Call of Duty series? Don't get me wrong, I played all the way through Call of Duty 2 & 3 (you can check my gamerscore ARCHA1C). But by the end of Call of Duty 2 (I played COD3 before I played COD2) I felt like I had had just about enough of Infinity Ward's style of gameplay and the WWII scenarios. because of historical accuracy issues, and the era that it takes place in, there is only so much innovation they can put into these games, and I'm left feeling like they have beaten the WWII horse long after it was dead. They are well-made, and good looking games, but don't seem to offer any real advances above their predecessors each time a new one comes out. Just my 2 cents, but I'm not feeling so excited for another chapter, that's all

dominusbellum4754d ago

they aren't doing wwII in this one they are making up a fictitional war in present day time thus the name modernd warfare

TriggerHappy4754d ago

these in game ? i hope is not CG

dominusbellum4754d ago

i subscribe to game informer and i have seen some in game shots and they look very in game to me the graphics are really stunning cant wait to pick it up

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