Half Life 2 Delayed for PS3 till 2008?

In a recent preview on IGN they stated the game to be shipping for the PC and 360 come early fall but the PS3 version would be delayed possibily to 2008.

Could this again be the effect of the 360's devlopment kit which makes porting PC to 360 or 360 to PC games quick and painless.

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xfrgtr4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

Good news for the ps3 since it's not gonna be a port like the 360

FreeMonk4587d ago

It's going to be exactly the same as the X360 and PC versions. No graphical updates! Read it first before making silly comments like that!!

It sucks ass though for PS3 owners. Why do ports like HL2, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell etc take soo long to get to the PS3 compared to the 360??

That's why I'm sticking with my X360 at the moment and holding back on the PS3 until the must have titles arrive like MGS4, Lair, Heavenly Sword etc!

closedxxx4587d ago

I wonder if it's possible for someone to get -1 comment bubbles

BIGBAER4587d ago

Yours is such a stupid and blatant attempt at spin that you should get a metal for it.


Odion4587d ago

no you misunderstand, the game isn't changing the problem is the difference in code and the fact that EA is creating the PS3 port is causing the delay

Alvadr4587d ago

Meh, Im not too bothered about the PS3/XBOX ports anyway- I have had the PC version for over a year and a half.

specialguest4587d ago

kinda sucks for PS3-only gamers, but I too have been playing it on my PC for close to a year now. I also got it for free through torrent.

bootsielon4587d ago

If Half Life 2 gets Sixaxis support and extra content, or a lower price tag, I'm in. If not, Valve and EA can go to hell.

Wasn't Valve's Gabe Newell the one that said that Sony should do a "do over" for the PS3? What kind of Moron would say that? I guess one that has earned his bread through PCs. He used to say PS3 was crap because the HDD was an optional add-on when it was first announced. But I guess there are people you can never please. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

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The story is too old to be commented.