The Joy of Not Caring About Achievements

Gaming journalist Ryan Rigney of and explores the downsides of being an achievement whore, along with the benefits of simply not caring about Gamerscore.

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tinydancer4000d ago

I like achievements, but I agree that sometimes they wind up warping the experience of playing a game into something much more mundane...

ThatCanadianGuy4000d ago

I have quite the problem with these achivements/trophies.

I don't know about everybody else, but i find they kind of ruin my games.For example, when i get a new game.I play the hell out of it until i get the platinum.Usually focusing on the specific trophies i need rather than just enjoying the game for the sake of it.

It's this constant need to feel like i'm achieving something permanent rather than just playing a game for fun.And because of that, i rarely replay a game that i've platinum'd.Such was the case with fallout 3, Drakes fortune,godfather 2, and now, sadly, Uncharted 2.

But then again, there's also a great satisfaction for earning those ridiculously tough achievements/trophies like earn 10,000 kills or beat crushing difficulty etc.

*sigh* i guess i just have that Love/hate relationship with them

tinydancer4000d ago

I agree completely, good sir. The author of this article seems to have the solution, in that getting achievements (or trophies) can be rewarding, but that gamers need to develop an eye for which achievements will ruin a game for the player after they take the ridiculous amount of time to get them.

RKRigney4000d ago

I know exactly what you mean. Like I said in the article, I nearly ruined Tales of Vesperia by going for all 1000. I mean, if I didn't have any other games, it might have been okay to do it, but I have other stuff to get around to playing, ya know? There are such a huge number of truly good games this generation that I might never get around to playing. I gotta experience as many of them as I can :)

pixelsword4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Warhawk's achievements suck because some are virtually unattainable; I love that game, but hate that I can't get all of the achievements, which makes me put the game down so I can pay games where I can get the achievements.

Epic did it right for both consoles for both games (gears and UTIII): it's hard, but attainable, and you can get it with bots.

Too Human did it pretty good; not too hard, and achievable with practice.

Terminator Salvation did it right, but a little extreme: it's a hard game, but the achievements are all golds.

I haven't seen anyone do it too well, and it does ruin gaming experience when done too hard; because you start to hate the game... until you don't care about the achievements anymore.

Uncharted is okay, a little hard and it requires multiple play-throughs, but it is doable.

there needs to be a balance, and I also hate achievements that don't tell you what you need to do to get it: I understand if it wrecks the plot, but most of them don't, plus even if it did, you can make them visible after the first playthrough.

Marceles4000d ago

Yeah I have the same problem, I'd honestly not have alot of the games I own now if it wasn't for achievements/trophies.

WildArmed4000d ago

Honestly I dont think its a problem.
this is how my gaming goes: (this example will include Demons souls as its my new-est game)
1. Excitingly gets home to finally play Demons Souls. Those reviews have got me excited.
2. ~20 hours of gameplay -- Havnt thought of a trophy n its req. yet. Just the few dings here n there as they pretain to the story.
2. ~40 hours -- Game Ended. Great game! :) Kudos to SOFTWARE.
3. ~45 hours -- *goes through the trophy list*
4. ~46 hours -- *turns trophy whore switch on*
10. ~200 hours of gameplay -- Attained Platinum!

Well that was well worth my money! I had fun and it had great replay value.
Trophies usually keep me entertained to replay the game when there is nothing to look forward to other than just fun (aka already know the story line, etc etc)

_Tenzin4000d ago Show
DonCorneo4000d ago

but if there were no trophies to begin with, i would have just played through them once and then it's off to be traded-in.

dragonyght4000d ago

that only happen at when the trophy patch uncharted, GTA4, fallout i have already completed those game and i had to start all over again it was a chore but after that been completely hook. its simple fun run always play 4 fun after that just go all out

HolyOrangeCows4000d ago

Achievements and Trophies are nice for Replay value.

Blaze9294000d ago

As long as they dont include online trophies in my game then I'm straight. I hate "hey anyone want to boost for achievements?" coming up in lobbies then having people actually say "yea sure." Or they can even modify the way ranked games are played like in Gears of War 1 with all the grenade tagging or chainsaw spamming kills for the achievement.

If developers want to add online achievements, fine, but do it so that it can be done in public/social/private matches and not ranked.

ThatCanadianGuy4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Tah shi de leh! Ke-rangh ku su do bo yin peh?


Redempteur4000d ago

That's why game should be more like burnout paradise ...

Achievementr /trophies Only for half-way challenges ...and true rewards ( unique cars ) ONLY for those who want them ...

i play killzone 2 to have fun with friends .. that's why i'll never get the 1% trophy ( or those below ) .
If it wasn't for the trophy sonic unleashed whould be eating dust somewhere in my room ... and it is actually ..with 77% of the trophies i realised what i wasn't having fun anymore ....
At least make some challenge more like IN the game wipeout HD ... something that is easy if you have skill ... And while trying to have them you'll gain more skill ..( that's what happenned to me )

What 1,000,000,000,000 damage in One attack in disgaea 3 ???( no combo ) WTF ?? I 'll not grind that much to reach this level ...

UnSelf4000d ago

lmfaooo @Tinzen Bubs++++++++++++++

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RKRigney4000d ago

Forza Motorsport 3 does a pretty good job with achievements. Instead of asking you to do something ridiculous and stupid, it just constantly rewards you as you progress through the "Season Play" mode. It also awards players for exploring all the aspects of the online modes and community features, like car auctions, decal design, purchasing and selling user-created content, etc.

RKRigney4000d ago

Yeah there's a driver "ranking up" system in the game, and every time you hit a rank milestone (usually every 5 ranks once you get to rank 15) you get a nice little achievement. It's just sort of a feel-good incentive to keep on playing.

pixelsword4000d ago

Sounds like a winner. I'd like to see this; Now I'll have to seriously consider putting some money aside. :D

WildArmed4000d ago

Kinda like burnout paradise! :)
(Great game btw)
Driver Lic D - Elite

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Fishy Fingers4000d ago

They don't really interest me, I get what I get from playing the way I want. But I dont actively seek them out or play outside of my norm to achieve them.

I guess gamers scores or PSN ranks matter to some, but personally I play games for enjoyment, not points. Each to their own.

pippoppow4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

At least be able to turn off trophy notificatios. Really do not care for them at all. I game for the enjoyment. The only accomplishment is to finish the game and hope I can say at the end "Wow, nice game". If it's good enough, then replay it months or years later.

I know many see it as an exciting aspect but to some like myself it isn't needed at all.

Right with you fishy.

HypnoticMonkey4000d ago

I think you can turn notifications off.

Settings > Notification Messiages > Do Not Display.

Not 100% sure if it works with trophies, can someone confirm?

RealityCheck4000d ago

I agree with you, I brought it up before in a thread a while ago. Both trophies and achievements should be optional. A user should be able in their profile to enable or disable them completely with the default of "enabled". Such a choice would be a win-win for all types of gamers.

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