Moser Baer develops high speed 8x Blu-ray disc

Moser Baer India today claimed to have developed the world's first high speed 8x Blu-ray disc (BDR), which is a major breakthrough in next generation optical media formats.

According to an official release issued by the company to the BSE today, the technology has been jointly developed along with recently acquired OM&T, the former R&D subsidiary of Philips.

According to Ratul Puri, executive director, Moser Baer India, "This is a major achievement and it gives us a significant advantage in the fast growing next generation optical format market. Moreover, it vindicates our strategy of acquiring OM&T and adding their capabilities to the strong in-house R&D team to lead the technology development curve in the optical and photovoltaic space. The pioneering work in the Blu-ray format will further enhance our global leadership position."

The development would enable end users to have a faster media that can record a 2-hour transmission equivalent of HD (High Definition) quality data in less than 15 minutes. The next generation formats have a capacity ranging from 15 GB to 50 GB and offer more than five to ten times the data storage capacity of standard DVD media. These next generation formats offer an ideal solution for reliable business backup, including medical and government imaging, photography, videography, as well as high definition video recording, the company release claims.

The breakthrough in the technology development of high speed Blu ray disc format was recently presented at the 4th Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) meeting held in Fukuoka in Japan."

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Kratosnake5136d ago

It's funny that this news item is just at 10 degrees.... this is probably the most significant piece of tech information in at least few months. Strange indeed.

jahcure5136d ago

One would think this is very informative and relevant. I guess all people like are the flamewars.

Kyur4ThePain5136d ago

I'm suffering from good-new-overload. :)

Kratosnake5136d ago

I wonder how this will effect gaming. will 8x disc speed help gaming in anyway? i suppose it would. But i think the most important advantage here is production speed. Producing mass dics will be an average of 10x faster than before, which is freaking significant.

nix5136d ago

most of the readers here only dig screen shots comparisons, video shots comparisons, who lost the exclusive? etc etc...

most of them are not gamers, only fanboys!

and yeah.. good news for sony and blu-ray camp. q:

Marty83705136d ago

While Blu-ray technology is advancing, HD DVD technology is standing still.

lil bush5136d ago

blu-ray is starting to show its advantages against hd-dvd....

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