Devil May Cry 4 Preview by 360gamer

It all began with a phone call. Hanging up the phone, Dante turns to find Trish running in the front of Dante's shop. She asks him about his work, to which Dante replies "If I kill every last demon, I'll have gotten the one that killed my family." She impales him with her sword and chucks a shiny new motorbike at him, to which he responds by shooting the bike right back at her. This wasn't Princess Peach, and there's no sign of red dungarees in sight. This was the opening sequence to Devil May Cry; one of the most successful Capcom franchises in the company's history.

Produced by Hideki Kamiya, now world renowned from his success with the Resident Evil franchise, the original title was a massive hit on PlayStation 2 in 2001, eventually going on to sell over four million copies, making it one of the most successful games of all time. Two games later, and the series is at a turning point; one which will make or break the franchise. Scores of loyalists are outraged by Capcom's decision to go multi-format, especially as the first three games in the series were solid exclusives, and for a short time, so was Devil May Cry 4.

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