PlayStation 3 to Feature Video-on-Demand in Korea

Gamers in South Korea on June 16 will be getting a PlayStation 3 with the largest hard drive capacity yet for the system. Sporting an 80 GB hard drive – 20 GB more than the other PS3s around the world – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has said that the particular system is thus far exclusive for the Korean market.

According to a report from the Korea Times, the reason for the larger drive is because the PlayStation 3 will feature video-on-demand (VOD) functionality in South Korea.

South Korea enjoys a network infrastructure that is relatively advanced compared to North American offerings. A network-enabled PlayStation 3 would be able to take full advantage of South Korea's high-bandwidth Internet services, and would require a larger hard drive to store the various forms of downloaded media.

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Knarley Dude!

IBLEEDBLU4579d ago

i knew thats y they came out with a bigger HDD. sony wouldnt waste money to add more GB to a console that u have the option to change it urself.

they just want people in korea to have more room rite off the start.

so u bots as u can see PS3 isnt changing like the elite lol was funny to read ur stupid comments like "ps3 has so many different PS# 20,60,80 PS3 elite media blah blah blah" lol

Shadow Flare4579d ago

PSN is seriously gonna own and Home is just the icing on the cake. Live isn't gonna have much left to offer. Who knows, maybe Live will go totally free too? You should thank Sony xbots

alsef074579d ago

and taLK when it happens dude

Blackmoses4579d ago

from what I hear, the Microsoft version of this allows yoou to do this but for a limited time only. Think Blockbuster, but with downloads...after a few days you can't watch it anymore. Then you have to turn around and purchase it again. I hope this isn't the same deal.

And another note: "all this within the first year of being out"....maybe they did have this planned out from the start.