New Bomberman Act: Zero Trailer

Hudson Entertainment has released a new trailer of Bomberman Act: Zero that showcases the game's features.

Bomberman is reborn with a new look and a new attitude for the next generation. Deep within an experimental underground facility, humans are imprisoned as test subjects and trained to become soldiers. Equipped with armored battle suits, the subjects must fight for survival and eliminate each other to determine who will become the Ultimate Human Weapon.

As Bomberman, your objective is simple: destroy your opponents before they destroy you. You'll have to survive through 99 stages to escape to the surface. In your way, you'll find hidden items including speed, bomb, and armor power ups. The game lets you choose between the classic one-hit, one-kill gameplay style, or a new life bar and item system for a more aggressive gameplay style.

In addition, this new version of Bomberman, available only on Xbox 360, will feature online gameplay for up to 8 players on Xbox Live.

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