PCN Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

PCN writes: All in all, Naughty Dog has delivered on every account in Uncharted 2. Aside from a few minor issues such as the gimmicky stealth section, incongruent violence, and the uninspired story, Uncharted 2 provides a robust and all-encompassing experience that will keep you coming back for more. Earlier I said that I went into Uncharted 2 expecting it to not live up to the hype-I left with a smile from ear to ear.

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arika4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

they played Uncharted 2 expecting it to not live up to the hype, but left with a smile from ear to ear. sweet! this game deserves all the hype and praise it's getting and of course the coveted GOTY award!

i just bought it yesterday and i'm still awestruck on how amazing this game is. wow! believe it!

gaffyh4224d ago

Yeah man, people still seem to think that this is your average over hyped game. It's not. This is so much better than every game out on console now, in every way.

Sarcasm4224d ago

"the uninspired story"

What the...? The story is one of the best parts of the game.

No longer do we have to fend off aliens to save the world or have some super insane powerful soldier go to distant planets by himself and take out armies.

We have a flushed out, well written and very charismatic story with Uncharted 2.

What do these people really want from a game?????????? Seriously????? What's it going to take without a website to review something spectacular without TRYING to find faults about it. Why cant they just sit back and enjoy it.

Critics these days.

Bathyj4224d ago

Theres no one thing thats amazing about this game. It just does everything right.

BTW, I didn't find the stealth gimmicky at all. I love stealth, but I didnt' like Batman how there was a stealth section and an action section. Uncharted isnt like that. Here an area. Go stealth, or go guns blazing. Its up to you. I love that in games, playing how you want to.

And let me repeat, BEST COVER SYSTEM EVER.

callahan094224d ago

"gimmicky stealth section"
Really? I thought it was quite fun, and I was impressed by the sheer number of unique stealth takedown animations and how they're all appropriate for the context of your surroundings. Also, it's not just a "stealth section" -- there's one part of the game where you have to be stealthy, and that's cool, it was totally appropriate for the story to have to be stealthy at that segment. But other than that, there are numerous and countless other opportunities throughout the game to utilize stealth. I was stealthy for the entire train sequence, it was just more fun and easier that way. The stealth aspects in this game are really great, I thought.

"incongruent violence"
I can't even begin to understand what they mean by that.

"uninspired story"
Hahaha. This game has one of the best stories I've ever witnessed in a videogame. It's told with such wit and charm, so entertaining, fascinating in plot and exciting too. Uninspired is the last word I'd use to describe it.

Bathyj4224d ago

Exactly my point callahan09.

Aside from that one area, and you're correct it was totally in context with the story, stealth could be used or ignored completely through the whole game.

I myself stealth it up when ever I can in games cos like real life sneaking often gets you in some places easier than running straight in making noise. Hell even Rambo usually sneaks in and only starts shooting once discovered. Watch the movies, its true.

gaffyh4224d ago

@callahan - I think the review was just being overly critical (as you can see what he says in the first paragraph). But still the score is good, showing that despite a few minor flaws, this game is close to perfect.

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gaffyh4224d ago

Really nice, in depth review. Exactly how I would explain the game, it is definitely the best game released this gen, and that's an understatement.

Xbox-only owners, be jealous, seriously.

dalibor4224d ago

Yes I am jealous you lucky sob!

Timesplitter144224d ago

Funny, dalibor. I can see your PSN name in your profile, and no XLive name

poeo4224d ago

ouch @ dalibor.

man you really destroyed your credibility right there. why would you do that? why lie? :/

skatezero2464224d ago

2.2 @ 2.3 sarcasm perhaps?

on-topic though this game is in a leage of its own the only two games that I have played that compete with it is uncharted and MGS4 ....

kaveti66164224d ago

I used to be a former Xbox-only owner. I got a PS3 towards the end of August. I was jealous then. Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 is the reason I got a PS3, as well as the guarantee that Sony would continue to make great games.

I think there are plenty of people who wish they owned both consoles.

dalibor4223d ago

I was in fact just joking, I have the game. Trying to get some more trophies.

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redsquad4224d ago

"Incongrous violence"?? The villain is a war criminal!!

mrv3214224d ago

I disagree, just because he's an evil power hungry war criminal doesn't mean he's not a nice gu... oh wait.

I am seeing a lot more 9.5's and 9.0's maybe they just want to bring down the average. I have only played the demo and let's just say, one of the best games ever made.

free3sixty4224d ago

Please ps3 owners.. buy this game.. its really great!

You left demon souls in shelves.. dont do the same to UC2!

topdawg1224224d ago

Demon's Souls is like sold out everywhere brosef. UC2 is selling like hotcakes anyways biznatch

N4G king4224d ago

"You left demon souls in shelves"

can you say

OnlyOnN4G4224d ago

I want Demon's Souls, only problem is, it's not being released in europe.

NecrumSlavery4224d ago


you are clueless. Demon's Souls is sold everywhere. No one abandoned it. It actually has a 95% sell out rate. Atlys only sent a small amount to the US, and nearly copy was sold out.

xcox4224d ago

i'd say PWNED with no lube

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proudly_X4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

haven't got my copy yet, but from what i see and hear, it's truly a masterpiece!

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