OXCGN Reviews Uncharted 2 "It's a visual, cinematic masterpiece"

OXCGN takes a full review approach with Uncharted 2 after deciding they would steal it for 360 if they could in another article:

"Stop right there Shia LeBouf! Before Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg crown Mutt Jones the next action adventure hero, Nathan Drake might have something to say.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves follows in the footsteps of Tomb Raider as much as the films Indiana Jones and National Treasure. Moreover, while he is by far a better action hero than Nicholas Cage, he even borders on being as badass as Harrison Ford in his heyday. Even in the midst of innumerable odds and great danger Drake is light hearted and resourceful."

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AuToFiRE4224d ago

Great read, thank you for your continuing time and effort

Jinxstar4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I agree. This game is truly hands down amazing. Just started playing some Co-op and having a blast in that as well. I can't believe how much effort was put into this game. It's surreal how amazing the environments and the story are.... Captivating.

Great read

gaminoz4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Wow two perspectives on Uncharted 2 from an Xbox-focused site. This series is fantastic and its a shame others outside PS3 owners won't be able to share in it :(

Lucky for me, I've got a PS3 and 360! Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Alan Wake here we come...

Saaking4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Even the bots know it's an amazing AAAA game.

gaminoz4224d ago

Personally I didn't like Killzone 2 and thought it overhyped, but this one...

XboxOZ3604224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Like I said before, We are NOT Xbots . .get it right child . .

We're "Gamers" not fanboys, and like games period. We simply chose to use the 360 as our main platform for personal reasons. NOT because we think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

BOTH have their issues, as do games on both platforms.

So instead of making yourself look and sound like a clown, why not read the reviews, no matter what the game is, and perhaps you may actually learn something in this lifetime.

Both the 360 and the PS3 can do without fanboys of such nature.

XboxOZ3604224d ago

We went to the Killzone 2 Launch Night in Sydney, and while it was a great game, it was just like Gears really .. Run-n-gun, kill and more of the same.

AT least with games of this nature, there's variety and style within them.

Splinter Cell Convictions which is a 360 exclusive will keep ppl busy for some time, it's sort of a modern day adventure story . .

If money was not an obstacle, I'd have at least one of every console, but there are limits to a persons finances, and that determines what they can or can not buy . .not whether or not they are a fanboy.

If just 1/4 of the fanboys on this site began to look at Games over platforms, the site would be 10 times better for ALL gamers . . . I remember what it was like when it first started . .

TheHater4224d ago

"We're "Gamers" not fanboys"

If I am not mistaken, this is an xbox 360 only site.

gaminoz4224d ago

@ The Hater

Umm I'm sure there's some PS3 sites with writers that own a 360 and enjoy 360 games too...they just might not write about it.

I see no problem with a site focusing on one console but still discussing the big issues in games on other systems and Uncharted 2 deserves attention from anyone who is a gamer...360 or PS3 or PC.

XboxOZ3604224d ago

Some gamers choose a platform for certain reasons, some of those can include finances and easy access to product. If you have a look at our site, you'll notice we discuss "gaming' but simply chose to be Xbox centric. Meaning that might well be our main focus, but it is by far not our only focus.

To give any platform a fair go, one must focus on that one, if youhave a multiplatform site, then you need to have the sam enumber of ppl working on EACH platforms news, reviews and information in order for it to be a balanced affair.

Now when you don't have those a=dvantages, like huge corporate sites do, where their writers are paid extraordinary amounts annually, then youhave to pick one you're comfortable with, that has some sort of connection with you, and then follow that one to the best of your abilities.

Not doing so means you are doing your readers a disservice by not supplying the best information possible.

Which is why we focus on the 360, but for those team members that have more than the 360, they are able to get their hands into other game, report on them and give you, the reader, a fair and just and of course, objective view on a subject, rather than a closed minded and biased approach that many might have.

My gamertag is simple. . I'm from Australia (OZ), I have a 360 . . simple. If it was a PS3, the the name would be obvious - now wouldn't it . . . that does not make me biased of not a gamer.

I have many varied consoles that some would not even own or know about . .

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4224d ago

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

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FiftyFourPointTwo4224d ago

Visual cinematic masterpieces only possible on the AAAstation 3, home of unparalleled exclusives.

Kimbo Slice4224d ago

not complaining just the impression i got ...good site though

XboxOZ3604224d ago

errr umm it's 9.5/10 . . I think that's damn high . . we no longer do .1 markings . . and no game, unless it's 'exceptional' is ever given a 10/10 on OXCGN, we've only ever given one 10/10 score out on any game.

No, not Halo, or Gears, or Forza . . It was The Rock Bands The Beatles, simply due to the historical detail and pure enjoyment for all the family.

xhi44224d ago

Beatles or Uncharted?

Like I get where your coming from. but then again, just imagine all game developers were at school, and they were all marked, as if Uncharted 2 wouldn't get an A+/A+ lol

XboxOZ3604224d ago

We hold off that .5 for any game, unless it appeals to "all the family" as gaming is meant to be a shared experience with the family, well - it was when I last looked.

Even MGS4 on our site didn't get a 10/10, it got a 9.8/10 when we were doing incremental scoring, but now it would fetch a 9.5/10.

Gaming is taking a huge move towards being a family affair, soto reward those games that are aimed at all the family, we'll give them a little leed over some others. Not if they are crap mind you, but only if they fit the bill, and follow the same criteria as all other great AAA games do (or AA games for that matter)

Sarcasm4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

"Gaming is taking a huge move towards being a family affair"

I don't see why that has to be part of the criteria just to dock .5 points off amazing games.

Wii Sports is a family affair game, does it deserve a 10/10? Eyepet? Rock Band?

None of those games are 10/10s.

So I kindly ask, what game is going to have amazing production values, graphics, gameplay, story, multiplayer like Uncharted 2 but also be a family affair just to get a 10/10?

I don't think we'll ever see it. But then again, it's not like 9.5 is a complete turd or anything lol. I'm not insisting that.

whothedog4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I would like to thank you for dropping the .1's reviewing

haha I mean who notices a .1 difference between things.

Nice review by the way.

I understand where your coming from with the Beatles Rock Band, not saying I agree with it being better because I don't like those types games but I see where your coming from. :)

Isaac4224d ago

You do know that 9.5 is lower than average for this game, don't you? Your criteria for lowering is ridiculous. It's not that the score is low, it's that the reasons for dockin points are stupid. Not "family oriented" enough? WTF? lol

Oh, and not having more precise degrees "just because" doesn't cut it. That takes credibility off. If anything, those 9.9 and 9.8 games should be rounded UP, not down. And you can't really argue about how scores are subjective, or that they don't really mean anything, because even when that is true, you are giving it a score, which is the point we're debating.

mxdan4224d ago

I see where your coming from, but I'd let my family watch Raiders of the Lost ark and I'd let them play uncharted 2. As far as most games go these days uncharted is pretty 'all encompassing' if you get my drift...

SuperM4224d ago

lol shut up guys. never complain about a score 9.5 or higher. never.

Sarcasm4224d ago

"lol shut up guys. never complain about a score 9.5 or higher. never. "

Nobody's complaining about a 9.5.

We're DISCUSSING why dock points on great games just because they aren't "family oriented."

So if ever a family oriented game that comes out that blows our socks off and clearly deserves a 10 let's say Rock Band 3 or something, a website should dock .5 points from is because it's not "Hardcore" enough.

It's a silly criteria if you ask me. Not bagging on OXCGN, because it looks to be a good unbiased bunch of fellas.

loser4224d ago

should every game get 10 because it's on the ps3? i know you try real hard to sound unbiased, but it is quite clear that you are in love with sony! if they want to give the game a 9.5, and they have their reasons and a way nin which they do their scoring, then thats up to them.

i've not completed uncharted2 yet...i have to work from home this weekend (which is a pain in the *rse), but of my experience so far, this game is between 8-9! people are calling for 10s because A, it's a sony game, and B, it has great graphics so again that should be a pass straight to the top!

a few sony fan sites have already gave this 10s surely thats enough for the fanboys rite?

Karum4224d ago

Agree with how you use the last 0.5 points to determine if a gaame gets a 10 or not but I have to say the review was a good read and you've given the game just about a perfect score which is hard to argue with.

Great to see others are enjoying Uncharted 2 as much as I have been this weekend.

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