Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Developed by movie license stalwarts Eurocom (of Batman Begins, James Bond Nightfire and Ice Age 2 'fame'), Eurogamer wasn't exactly expecting it to realign their opinions on loveless, bloodless movie tie-in fodder, but you never know. In fact, for about ten seconds you might even be fooled into thinking that there's evidence of rich potential in the game, largely thanks to the respectable degree of effort that's gone into the artwork. Glancing at any of the 11 levels in At World's End you'll want to admire the rather lovely game engine, with detailed environments, lovely rain effects and consistently uncanny likenesses for all the key characters.

Eurogamer recap's their review by stating that the combat's inexcusably awful. The duelling is absolutely mind-numbingly uninspired. The platforming and exploration feel tacked-on, overly basic and adds little variety, and the fetch quests plumb new depths in their tedious pointlessness (collect seven dice? Find five mugs? Why?).

Rating: 3 out of 10

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kdawg2224754d ago

Rating: 3 out of 10


Razzy4754d ago

IGN gave it a 5.5 (360) & 5.2 (PS3)

Something stinks and I think it's the Pirates game. Peeeeuuuwww!!

Am I suprised? No.

mcintosh2334754d ago

i've played the demo and i wouldn't give it 1 out 10

they could use playing this game as a torture method its that bad.

worst game i've played in a number of years and i've played alot of games

Ironspud4754d ago

I've never had faith in movie tie-in games, and this seems to just reinforce that. Maybe developers should stop trying to make movie games and attracting the unwitting public to buy pure crap.

unleash bass4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

I think the reason for these movie tie ins being so poor is basically down to getting the release ready to coincide with the movies release.

Obviously the developers can't start working on the title until they have been given a rough cut of the movie, to work from. By this time the movie is done bar a few tweaks here and there so the developers of the game have to rush like mad in order to meet the release.

And so, another sub-standard game is made.

Although they did manage to do a rather good job on the visuals on this one.

cdawson4754d ago

Eurocom needs to pack it in, this is just a footnote in a history of bad games by them.
Aside from the bond games you'd be hard pressed to find a game rated over a 6/10 in their library.

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