Does Insomniac Get the Shaft From Sony?

Owning a PS3 you probably already know about the absolutely amazing games it has so far. Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, or some other game from the long list, there is something there for everyone and every single game is a step ahead of the industry. While this is great, there is one problem PS3 suffers that no other console necessarily has. Great games get shafted in honor of other great games, which could be somewhat a big deal. Remember when Valkalrye chronicles first released? How it sold during the opening weeks? A majority of you probably believe it was this year and it sold well. The truth be had, it released last holiday season and sold terribly until this year. Reason being, the other big names over shadowed it and it's not the only game to suffer from this

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sinncross4057d ago

Weak conclusion to a pretty interesting article.

Anyways, I perfectly understand the point of the article, but he answers his own question: Insomniac are not owned by Sony like Naughty Dog is, for instance.

Sony has an obligation to their first party studios in terms of marketing and resources. Insomniac are basically like first party considering the good relations they have to Sony and it is a pity the new R&C does not seem to be getting huge marketing, but Uncharted 2 seems the best bet: Uncharted 2 is the title which could sway ppl to choose a PS3 over another console, or for 360 owners to finally pick it up a PS3.

The new R&C looks amazingly awesome and I'll definitely play it, but with the rebranding Sony have gone through, they really needed to nail the marketing for the more commercial title in their lineup, and that is currently UC2.

Still, R&C is yet to release... little while to go so I am sure we'll see Sony get to work on something for it.

PirateThom4057d ago

Insomniac probably understand that as well.

Ratchet has a loyal fanbase, who will buy the game (I will definitely buy it), but it's not the sort of game that shifts systems in this climate. It will sell, but, it's not going to pull in new buyers.

gaffyh4057d ago

Great read. Insomniac title's really should be marketed more by Sony, they are great developers and I can't wait for R&C 2.

SnuggleBandit4057d ago

i saw an interview that stated that sony tried to acquire insomniac, but insomniac wanted to have absolute freedom to do whatever they if that is the case then its insomniacs fault.

gamingisnotacrime4057d ago

Imsomniac fault that they are their own bosses and can do as they please

Being owned is not the best thing to have, they do as they please, and it just happens they only develope on the PS3

PirateThom4057d ago

Well, Insomniac are independent, but Sony are still publishing the games and there is a responsibility on the publisher to pick up on advertising, usually.

gaffyh4057d ago

I don't necessarily see independence as a problem, in fact it is probably a good thing. If Sony bought all the devs, and started losing money, the first thing they'd have to do is get rid of one of the development studios (like MS got rid of Aces and Ensemble).

At least if they are independent and get into trouble, then Sony can always buy them up. If they stay making exclusive games and making enough money, then again good for Sony.

WhittO4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

^^ Ye, Really Sony should put some resources behind Insomniac, i mean, you can really tell that R2s budget is alot lower than Uncharted 2s.

Just think of it as MS not advertising Gears, and Epic are third party!

I dont blame Insomiac for staying independant, but i think Sony should put money behind them still, encouraging them to stay exclusive.

They are a great dev team that delivered the first great PS3 game (ever!), i think Sony have quite alot to be thankfull for Insomiac.

beavis4play4057d ago

it's the best of that genre (on any format) this least until ND decides to drop jak4 on us.

and no, i don't think insomniac is getting "the short end of the stick" from sony. ted price has made it clear that he wants his company to remain independant and that insomniac and sony have a great relationship.......enough said.

cmrbe4057d ago

RC ACIT will pull in more gamers than people think. The PS3 is now 299 and you can bet alot of parents will buy a PS3 slim for their kids with RC ACIT this holiday season.

I.G knew that RC TOD came out at a bad time when the PS3 was at 500 and when most PS3 gamers were hardcore.

PS3 at 299 is going mainstream and most of RC fanbase will start buying a PS3 for it now that its affordable.

HolyOrangeCows4057d ago

Microsoft bought and screwed up both companies.

I don't want to see Insomniac suffer such a fate at the hands of big business.

gaffyh4057d ago

@beavis - Yeah I 100% agree. Before I had a Wii I'd always say, "R&C is good, but the best platformer looks like SMG, from the videos I'd seen". Then I got a Wii and you cannot play SMG for more than 20 mins without getting a headache. Everything about it is wrong, the camera, the controls, the sound, the gobbledygook talking. It's really like playing a last gen game in every way.

Needless to say, I haven't touched the game in a long time

beavis4play4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

both ND (with jak) and insomniac (with ratchet) nail those imp. parts of platformers to make them wonderful. also, the stories both companies come up with for each series are deep; span multiple games; and are very well thought out.
glad to hear you're a fan! PM me with your thoughts on the new ratchet after you've played it for a couple of days. or i'll send you a message!

edit: hey holyorangecows.......i'm not hating on your comment but,sony owns ND and that hasn't hurt them one bit.

Isaac4057d ago

Their titles manage to get the same critical acclaim as Uncharted 2 and Gran Turismo have garnered over the years. While they have gotten lots of critical acclaim, they just can't compare to Gran Turismo 3, Uncharted 2 or MGS4, at least not yet.

If they revolutionise First Person Shooters with Resistance 3, or Adventure RPGs with their rumored "secret" new IP, then they'll get it.

mastiffchild4057d ago

What people tend to ignore about Inconiac is that they have a VERY long history(back to when Spyro games were OK!)with Sony AND they insist on getting a game out every year(at least-who knows now they have three studios)unlike other Sony first and second party devs.

This is something that has been their MO since PS3 launch(and I'm strongly of the belief that FoM was rushed a little for Sony's PS3 launch)and shows little sign of slowing , does it? They know the level of sales the, frankly, peerless R&C gets and they alternate it's releases(with things ,like Q4B slotted in too for the fans)with Resistance. Now last gen everyone remembers the great weapon ads for Rachet but, like I said, advertising these games now might not opay for itself when they can pretty much guess who's buying the games and the Resistance franchise is their shot, so far, at a bigger audience.

Now, here's the crux imo. Last time with te R2/KZ2 conflict Sony, I feel, thought R2 would just pick up where FoM left off in sales(which, long term , it nearly has)terms while Sony put a LOT of their own cash into GG and KZ2 which was also coming back from a poor first showing-that's why it seemed to be favoured over R2. The ND Uncharted2 situation is totlly different. How many Uncharted1 ads did we see? I don't remember seeing any at all on TV to this day(except plat sellers ads)and feel the better support behind the undeniably amazing U2 is just showing the change in attitude from Sony to ads in general-since the Slim lanched there's been lots of ads.

In short, Insomniac are happy and so are Sony. The game a year fan pleasing(but with R2 sometimes game restricting)MO is fine but doesn't allow for the marketing pushes weoften see for other games on other consoles and they're used to Ratchet, as well, which will always sell at a samey level for each game regardless-they're also still learning shooters(well FPS)and everything that goes with them but expect R3 to get a REALLY big opush as most big Sony games will from now on seeing how it's worked with U2 so far-and the slim itself.

Personally I look forward to a new R&C as much as ANY games I can think of. The quality of gfx, artstyle, writing, platforming, weapons, comedy, acting, puzzling and sheer charm is all too rare in this day and age. People, stupidly, dismiss them as "kiddy" games btut, to me, they're like th Simpsons in that they work on a kids lebel, a grown up level and a general family level too(not to mentiion the quality over a hige length of time they share as well). They should be as appreciated as any games and, to me, are amazingly enjotable and a proper gaming treat with old school values(my one complaint is the l;ack, today, of different levels of difficulty which would add a lot of replay value over what it already has within the games.

Sony and Insomniac are fine together-wait and see, as well, if, as I suspect, their games get a bigger push from Sony from now on as they finally seem to have twigged that people advrtise because it SELLS things!

Sorry for the typos but my keyboard is mental tight now!

sikbeta4057d ago

No way, they play in the same team, ND and Insomniac are like friends, and everyone knows that Ratchet has a fanbase (me included), they understand that ND need more support because the game is awesome and need to be known as opposite of R&C (well known), and now with PS3 at the right price we'll see games selling better than before so there is no problem

Dark General4057d ago

I think Sony does a good job with marketing Insomniac games actually. Some people have short memories but Ratchet and Clank future had ads running alongside the original Uncharted's ad. In fact I think R&C Future ads were run more prominently, Resistance 2 had a good showing as well. Just last year it had one of the best showings at E3 along with LittleBigPlanet. It's tv ads could have been shown more but it's name was out in the media a good amount and at trade shows. Quest for Booty and Resistance: Retribution could have been advertised more though.

I think Sony does a good job with Insomniac. I'm sure moving forward the new R&C game will get more buzz. I think the article hits at some good points though and it's something that could be explored more.

LiquifiedArt4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

That means that eventhough does try to give some marketing push it'll be more profitable for sony if Uncharted sells more then say, ratch n clank.

If they allowed themselves to be bought (highly unlikely), then they would get the same treatment as any 1st party studio. You have to understand they do get treat very well and are considered 2nd party, but its not quite the same.

Regardless i'm buying all Insomniacs, Naughty Dawgs, Gurrilla's games.
And even the inFamous dev's games!! (forgot name sorry)

DaTruth4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Insomniac had lots of commercials... they were just really stupid. As per Sony's pre-2009 advertising. Also, Sony never advertises games before release; That is MS territory!

And they screwed up R2 campaign! I don't know why, but I enjoyed the first game far more!

Xgamerzus4057d ago

Marketing or not the reviews of game speak for itself!

Look at the games like ratchet and Resistance.
These are not AAA titles where they showcase everything PS3 has to offer.
Im not saying the Games were not amazing, Im saying they are not Mega powerhouse games that were in the perfect 10 area close but not 10.

Why?? perhaps because ratchet is a kids game with kid graphics,comapred to GOW3(which is superior)) and Resistance was never consistent with Solid Graphics and gaming,or showcasing a solid experience..(perhaps they never had a long enough deadline to make the game shine like Gears of war on 360(the main competition)or GT5 or MGS.
I noticed I was mad at insomniac for making a few stages look magnificent and then many others tired and lame on R2..And ratchet was just too cartoony..Sorry but KZ2,GOW GT5 MGS and Uncharted just have a more solid consistent quality and it shows they deserve the 9.5 and 10's they get!! and all the marketing they get,they really do!!
Insomniac needs to really get into more serious gaming and invest more time into the R2 engine and push out the tech and adult violent game experience.
not this child cartoon games.R2 at times looked cartoony.But damn was some of the stages breath taking. but terribly inconsistent..

Then they will eventually get all the push they need!!

NoBias4057d ago

And it pisses me off.

Sarcasm4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

"SOCOM get's the shaft from Sony.
And it pisses me off. "

lol tell me about it.

People have been dying for patches, fixes, and some new maps.

They now announce new DLC for the game... And then they're charging $14.99 for it when it's a $29.99 game.

Sony does a lot of great things but then they always do something backwards to mess it up. Like delaying Eyepet in the U.S. RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS WHERE THOSE TYPES OF GAMES SELL MORE, this SOCOM DLC debacle, PSPgo's pricing, and PSP mini's pricing.

Strange company.

freeblue4056d ago

so that Resistance 2 has the Holiday season???

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Lucreto4057d ago

There is another two weeks until Ratchet is released so there is plenty of time to market it.

Ratchet is one of my favourite games and insomniac is one of my favourite developers. Ratchet is the utmost quality each and every time. Resistance is also excellent shooter one of the few I enjoyed.

It will sell no matter what. It went platinum in Europe in about 4 months and it took 14 months in the US.

On an unrelated note did anyone see the Assassins Creed advert on TV in the UK. It looks like Sony got the right this time for it.

Carl14124057d ago

Pretty much.

Ratchet is an established franchise - it had lots of games on PS2 and PSP (hell even PS3) already. Marketing will probably be done for it but it really isn't going to be a massive difference.

And no i didn't see the Assassin's Creed advert. What channel was it on? And was it PS3 branded?

themyk4057d ago

we get ratchet in two weeks. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? i didn't even know. i guess this article is right. but i don't care i'll buy it.

hells yea boys ratchet in two weeks. then modern warfare. hell yea thats some big releases man. uncharted ratchet modern warfare. fuk yea

farhsa20084057d ago

insomniac and naught dog are two of the best around, i love the resistance series and i just hope sony support these guys more

themyk4057d ago

the ending of resistance2 is soo epic.

OC Furious Dre4056d ago

The ending to resistance 2 caught me off guard. Its been almost a year since I finished that game. After I beat down some of these new games I might run thru it again. The campeigh in that game was pretty epic from what I remember. Will we see Mr Hale again after that ending? Probably not.

themyk4057d ago

have you been watching tv lately. i see a lot of sony commercials. they are getting around to it. they realize this is gen isn't even halfway over. i mean maybe for ms but not sony.

their not who they are cause they don't know what they are doing.

they have always had excelent commercials this gen just took a while longer to get started. they had other things to worry about till now.

they are seeing what countless other software companys have gone through in the past. the only difference is they have the history the tallent and the money themselfs to fight it.

Nightfallen4057d ago

I've yet to see a Uncharted 2 ad on the TV, yet I've seen a Ratchet and Clank one.

TheTeam064057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I've seen the opposite. TONS of Uncharted 2 "Dear PlayStation" commercials, a handful of Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2 commercials and a few PSP Go commercials. I've seen them on channels like MTV, VH1, Spike TV, G4 and more.

But, MTV is actually supposed to be doing this big preview thingy for the new Ratchet & Clank. I think I missed it coming back home from college for the weekend, but I was looking forward to it.

EDIT: WOW, as soon as I posted this, the Uncharted 2 commercial popped up. It's going on as I type this. MTV has that commercial a lot.

beavis4play4057d ago

but more UC2. probably due to UC2 just launching. i'm sure the frequency of shows for ratchet commercials will pick up as the launch date nears.

ReBurn4057d ago

I must watch the wrong channels, because I never see ads for games or systems any more. I've yet to see an ad for either game. The last game I remember seeing any tv spots for was Resistance 2. And Wii Fit, if you call that a game.