NFS: Carbon Gameplay Movies

Here are some gameplay movies of the upcoming NFS game for the Xbox 360.

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Zaskark54511d ago

I hope thers 16 player races!

soccerstar4511d ago

i hope they do something new because im not spending $60 on the same game with a different name and a stupid story just like the past 3 or 4 nfs games

BOOSTIN4511d ago

ill buy this game just for the drift mode. im tired of seeing these canyon race movies. lets see something else please

JPomper4511d ago

It looks just like every other NFS game EA has f#cked up just with more mist.


no_more_heroes4510d ago

Didn't NFS: Most Wanted come out 8 months ago? I stopped caring about NFS after Underground. EA needs to take it easy with releasing these NFS games so quickly.