Modern Warfare 2 PC will have no dedicated servers or mods.

Community manager fourzerotwo has dropped a bombshell on the PC community as he confirmed there will be NO dedicated servers, no mods, no server lists and matchmaking only for the PC version on Modern Warfare 2, a first for the Call of Duty series, a series known for its large modding community and high number of dedicated servers.

Jump to 1 hour 41mins on the podcast to hear Robert Bowling confirm it.

tdrules5328d ago

total joke.
youre not blizzard, IW Net will never meet the capacity of battle.net
say goodbye to your esport community, no promod

BulletToothtony5328d ago (Edited 5328d ago )

wasn't enough to upgrade their pentium 4 p2p servers..

i don't like how the game only plays how it's suppose to play when you're the host..

Megaton5328d ago

So they're removing basically everything that makes the PC version great, and raising the price to $60. Astronomical slap in the face. Can't justify supporting a company when they pull sh*t like this.

leila015328d ago

So basically, what PC gamers are buying is the console version at "console price".

Parapraxis5328d ago

I'll personally be getting it for PS3, but IF I mainly gamed on PC I'd be peeved, to say the least.

Their PC fanbase has been with them since the start. This move is very sad.

Carl14125328d ago

Wow they basically can't be bothered to do anything that they don't have to. "Hey who cares, it'll sell anyway!"

Winter47th5328d ago

You shamed your own legacy IW.

Hellsvacancy5328d ago (Edited 5328d ago )

Activision certainly aint doin them-selves any favors by doin this and then they hav the cheek 2 say 2 gamers "please dont pirate our games"

So not only is it goin 2 b a less then average game (the reviews will sayin otherwise) its goin 2 b an expensive less then average game with no dedicated servers

Like father use 2 say me "DONT piss down my back and tell me its rainin"

menoyou5328d ago

Wow, PC gamers are getting shafted HUGE with this game. Console price, no servers, and the list goes on. Lol, for the first time the PC version is inferior.

whothedog5328d ago (Edited 5328d ago )

That is why you don't buy games from douchebags, They will try to screw you every chance they get. Oh and MW2 = MW1 + Minor additions. DLC DLC but than they can't charge 60 for the game.

THEY ARE USING THE SAME ENGINE, it couldn't of been that hard or much to make this game.

JsonHenry5328d ago

I won't be purchasing this game now. F-YOU IW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

evrfighter5328d ago (Edited 5328d ago )

uhhhhhh did they not see the fallout Operation Flashpoint 2 had because of this?

The PC version is still superior seeing as most of us will be playing it 1080p native. But um ya wait nevermind I don't even care about this game anymore. You guys can have it

I hereby declare MW2 PC the inferior version.

I probably won't even torrent it. CoD is dead to me.

HammockGames5328d ago (Edited 5328d ago )

<==== Just canceled my pre-order.

I'm fed up with this kind of sh!t from Activision and their village idiot.

Anyone else canceling (or just not buying)?

evrfighter5328d ago

"Anyone else canceling (or just not buying)? "

well me and my steam friends were contemplating dedicating our time to this or borderlands until bad company 2.

IW just made the decision for 4 of us.

HammockGames5328d ago (Edited 5328d ago )

@ Evrfighter

I agree, this type of thing makes Borderlands look even more attractive.

Besides, Borderlands will be released before CoD.

And HEY, look at that, $60 just opened up in my budget ;0)

jav09185328d ago

I don't think this was IW's fault. Blame it on the big boys if anything. The ones that say Guitar Hero won't need a console eventually, The mother of all milkers.

kwicksandz5328d ago

This is douchebaggery on an epic scale

I hope you Treyarch Haters take note. At least they had the decency to provide the dedicated server files.

Non US players are essentially screwed as we all know how sh1t the matchmaker in cod4 was. Im done suppporting this franchise hope battlefield 3 comes out soon.

f7897905328d ago

Seriously, what's stopping me? You? Oh wait, you took yourself out of the picture completely and are charging an extra $10 for it.

omni_atlas5327d ago

Solution to the problem:

1. thepiratebay.com
2. Garena - http://www.garena.com/ (allows you to plan LAN games over the internet. HUGE community).

There you go guys. I was a big supporter of MW and the COD series, but its just going downhill from now on.

I'm throwing my weight behind the Battlefield franchise from now on.

NCAzrael5327d ago

Is it just me or does the guy from IW come across like he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about? If you jump to the segment mentioned in the article at 1hr 41min they are constantly asking him about dedicated servers and the dude sounds like he has no clue what they mean. I realize the world is becoming more and more saturated with people who've never played games on a PC, but is this guy seriously that out of touch with what PC gaming is like?

darkmurder5327d ago

Way to lose all of your sales, treating hardcore fans that spawned your series and then stabbing them in the back like this is just ridiculous. Screw u infinity ward and activision.

ShadowCK5327d ago

You're mad because you are essentially getting the exact same game everyone on the consoles is getting. You don't deserve special treatment just because you play on the PC. Now quit your whining and just play the game, or don't. What do I care, the gaming community would be better off without a few whiners anyway.

HammockGames5327d ago

@ ShadowCK

Wow. Or perhaps better off without you.

If you're willing to indiscriminately throw your dollars towards a game/developer/publisher that's trying to see how many corners they can cut and get away with, you're actually part of the problem.

But oh, that's right, you're also all for paying whatever ridiculous price on peripherals that Microsoft asks (comment 1.14 on the following link).

Something for you to keep in mind: most gamers on this site are willing to set aside discretionary income wherever they can - gaming isn't a cheap hobby. But blind consumerism is only going to assure that in the future we all get less for our dollars. The old addage, "a fool and his money are soon parted" would apply...

NCAzrael5327d ago

Uhh, we're not asking for special treatment. We're asking for the same treatment we've received for over a decade, long before online multiplayer was even thought of on a console. There are inherent advantages to playing a multiplayer game on a PC, and one of those advantages is to have a computer that runs all of the game's assets as a dedicated server. Suddenly not having this ability, and being forced to use the same archaic system for finding a multiplayer game that console users for some reason seem fine with is not my idea of a step forward. If anything, you guys should have been pissed a long time ago for not having the same advantages that PC gamers enjoy instead of cheering when the PC suddenly gets shafted.