ConnectedConsoles: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer Review

ConnectedConsoles: One of the very, very small (miniscule in-fact) list of problems that Drake's Fortune had, was that it didn't include multiplayer whatsoever. Not even co-op mode was included which was probably the biggest let-down of the game and even though Naughty Dog created one of the best single-player campaigns to date, it still didn't feel 100% right. If you haven't taken part in an Among Thieves online match then you're extremely unlucky as there has been beta test after beta test after beta test. There have been many giveaways across the internet which has meant that a lot of the PlayStation 3 gamers have at least had a try of the multiplayer games on offer. Though the beta test really was just a snippet of what you get in the full game.

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360degrees4225d ago

The multiplayer aspect of Uncharted 2 is its main saving feature as it is rather enjoyable, but far from perfected. The damage radius assigned to both the rockets and grenades is unbalanced, characters respawning right behind your location is ridiculous, and hanging/pulling someone from a 5ft ledge should NOT kill them. These are just a few issues I had with the average multiplayer, but overall I can see myself jumping online with it once a week until a great multiplayer comes along like the next iteration of COD.

Christopher_Walken4225d ago

Saving feature?

Cause y'know the single player was terrible/s

Sigh4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Your aspect and views of Uncharted 2 is invalid judging by your name and avatar. But not just Uncharted 2, but for every epic, superb ps3 title you have deliberately looked down upon at no hesitation. Your comments though are rather enjoyable, but very far from being true, in fact--accurately false. The damage control you are causing in every ps3 article, mainly concerning Uncharted 2, is down right ridiculous, and continuing to spout BS like this will get you nowhere. These are just very few issues I had to address after reading each and every new comment of yours, that are mainly below average. I can see myself reading your silly posts once a week until another great PS3 game comes along like GOD OF WAR 3, where I can see you trembling in fear and going all out again with x10 the posts you have recently commented.

bjornbear4224d ago

I've played COD4 and Counter Strike and now U2 MP and its just as strong. All your complaints are feeble =/ Blast radius bad? Spawn points not good? I've never had problems with either of those things.

I'd understand if you prefered FPS or MW MP, but being completely objective, there is no absolute inferioirity to the MP.

Nit picking is acceptable, but not when its done without admiration.

So you prefer COD MP, I enjoy it too, but i doubt you can compare the two. I'll be playing both unilaterally every day, as i am hooked to U2 MP and i will be hooked to MW2 MP.

skatezero2464224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

seems to me your just butt-hurt because online MP in uncharted 2 is miles ahead of Online MP in gears of war 2

it would explain why you chose a FPS (mondern warfare 2) instead of comparing uncharted 2 to another TPS(gears of war 2) which would be a better comparison considering uncharted 2 is a TPS

Pillage054224d ago

I've heard people complain about the pulling people off of a 5ft ledge and killing them. I agree in real life that wouldn't kill you instantly, but it's there for a reason...balance. The only thing I don't like are the grenade launcher/ rocket launcher, but really ammo is limited in them so yeah. The game is pretty balanced in most modes. Except for elimination...i feel like first team to grab power weapons always wins. But as for the spawning issue...yeah there are some bad spawns, specially in objective. But what spawning system in any game have you known to be perfect? COD's is just as bad IMO. They could make it to where you only spawn in your base but who really wants to get spawn camped all day long :P

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mj2464225d ago

Doesn't have a clue what he's talking about :S He's a 360 fanboy who can't take that a PS3 Exclusive is the greatest game of all time. Simple. Its just such a brilliant game!

OGharryjoysticks4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Having the most reviews suck up to it while having the most reviews keeping it from perfection even though they give perfect scores to unperfect games all the time.

It's funny if you think about it.

I read these reviews and from the descriptions it sounds 10 if ever a game was. Then you go back and look at some of the 10's given to games in hindsight and see those games probably deserved an 7.5 or 8 if they scored those as ticky tack as Uncharted 2.

But don't worry...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 won't suffer the same fate. Any problems with the game will be ignored and won't impact the score at all...not even a .1

All reviews will tell you the only thing that matters is whatever they got right and the same thing happened with GTAIV, hence the obscene Metacritic.

johnmark19824224d ago

i do not think that this game would work well on a 360 unless they would like to have it most likely on 4 or 5 disks, which if i had a 360 would seriously suck.

saint_john_paul_ii4224d ago

its not just the disc. its the some of the stuff thats going on behind the scenes.

bjornbear4224d ago

would be possible on the 360...thats all I'm saying. But i'm just guessing O.O

NecrumSlavery4224d ago

the train levels couldn't work in the 360 either. It was a really moving through the world, a first. Even Gears and Killzone 2's train levels are far behind ND's.

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