Devil May Cry 4 Delayed Until 2008

Bad news for Devil May Cry fans. The release date for Devil May Cry 4 has been pushed back into 2008. Signs that this might be the case arose on 1up's write up of Devil May Cry 4 - at the top of the page was the date 1/15/2008. Of course this was no confirmation, especially since Capcom have been providing playable demos to gaming websites and events alike. Yet these demos were on the game's original platform - the Playstation 3...

Confirmation comes from Eurogamer's time with Capcom:

"Surely the game must be out soon? Not so. Fans have a further nine months to wait until it finally emerges sometime in "Q1 2008", our Capcom rep regretfully informs us."

So there you have it Devil May Cry 4 won't be hitting store shelves until early 2008. The delay may well be because of the games new mulitplatform status, since Capcom also announced a simultaneous release on the PS3, Xbox360 and PC. Or it could be that Capcom are waiting for the PS3 user base to grow. Which ever reason, hopefully the wait will be appeased by Dant'es and Nero's slick moves.

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alsef074763d ago

well whatever theres other good games coming out...

Razzy4763d ago

I was looking forward to having DMC4 at least before X-mas. **sigh**

sticky doja4763d ago

There are so many AAA titles comming out for the $360 my bank account is being stretched enough. Gives me a little more time to get more money together.

Dorfdad4763d ago

I think this is the first of many push backs for the holiday season!

kdawg2224763d ago

What could have been the problem i wonder ? was this not confirmed as been completed for the ps3 ?

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The story is too old to be commented.