Dark Messiah game exclusive to 360

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements is an Xbox 360-exclusive game, Ubisoft has confirmed with CVG this afternoon.

News on the game's existence broke yesterday evening at the publisher's UbiDays event currently underway in Paris.

Expect Might & Magic: Elements to be PC's Dark Messiah with extra content bells and whistles.

And if you missed Dark Messiah of Might & Magic on PC, it's a fantasy-powered, first-person action-RPG built on Valve Software's Source engine.

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candystop4165d ago

Cool and can't wait to see more of the game and extra content!

NewZealander4165d ago

I cant wait for this game, But why is it not comeing to the ps3? and does ayone know when the release date is for this game?

BIadestarX4165d ago

Simply put, this game interest the west (Specially US) and the xbox 360 installbase is larger and less risky. Bottom line = installbase. Where do you think ovblivion sold more copies? PS3 or 360? Well, if this game sells well on the 360, I'm sure you will see a later launch for the PS3 with some graphic improvements.

Sphinx4165d ago

For some reason I thought this was a PS3 exclusive. It was one of the games that had me wanting a PS3, seriously. Oh well.

omansteveo4165d ago

This is playing the last game now i love the combat and physics its like a faster-paced oblivion

Cartesian3D4165d ago

but if u didnt play pc version.. I like these kind of FPS..

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The story is too old to be commented.