OCG: Uncharted 2 Review

Overly Critical Gamer writes: "Guns, girls, platforming and ancient treasure what else could it be besides Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Let me first say, wow, just wow. This is truly the PS3's killer app. Now I have heard many wonderful reviews and comments about this game over the past week or so and I'm here to say they were right… mostly."

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Madusha4225d ago

Sweet :D another positive rating. GOTY all the way!

xTHRASHx4225d ago

GOTY for sure, well maybe not if Modern Warfare 2 has anything to say about it. haha

trancefreak4225d ago

Its really bad to be separated from this game. Im saying to everyone who works/school/current lifstyle that is preventing us/you gamers from gracing your ps3 and this it game.

Im currently @ work I played threw 11 chapters straight and now I have to wait till tnite to play and a feel like a crack addict waiting for his/her fix.

This game is so damn good when im done beating or playing threw it ill definitely need a 2nd replay or more.

There is a portion of the game ill just say we've seen the vids of the helicopter scenes in the city which too me feel so damn epic ill will def play that portion again. Oh the agony.

Must wait till works over. Must drive 30miles with game on my mind. Must kick everyone out of my way threw my house to my tv then rip the controller out of my wifes hand anf tell her to beat it.

Because tnite its just me and you ps3 + Drake and the gang.

acedoh4224d ago

and an incredible sequel... I don't have the magical feeling after I played the first one because the whole experience was fresh and new and not seen in a game before. Now they have taken that experience and upped it that much more. There are very few games and movies that can take a something that was very good and make it that much better. My hat is off to Naughty Dog for such good quality and knowing what the gamer likes and taking chances. They have moved this generation forward more than any other company.

ReservoirDog3164225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Oh God. I just finished Uncharted 2. Really, it's that good and better. It's so good I think it's time to change my top 5 list on my bio. I can't change the first 4 cause the stories in those are more emotional than this but this definitely deserves to be on my top 5. Hmm. Sorry Kingdom Hearts. You're still my 6th favorite.

Really, it's that good everyone. If anyone says they don't like this, just give up on video games completely. I know I have to factor in personal taste but if you don't like Uncharted 2, you're provably wrong.

Everyone with a PS3 needs this game.

edit: Guess I can't change my bio on the PS3's internet browser. I'll change it tomorrow for sure.

bjornbear4225d ago

I had the same dilema as soon as i finished the game =P I had to change my top 5 games of all times...this game is def in there together with Deus Ex Zelda Ocarina of Time and SoTC =O

themyk4225d ago

my top five right now is

1 mgs3
2 mgs4
3 sotc
4 portal
5 gta vice city

i might have to re evaluate this pretty soon.

none of those are in too serious order cept for number one.

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