Sony, BT Deal to Turn PSP into a Phone

SCEE and BT have signed a deal that will transform the PlayStation Portable into a mobile communications device, essentially a phone, by incorporating wireless broadband communications functions into the handheld.

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PS360WII4579d ago


I want a handheld gaming device not a jack of all trades master of non handheld

THE_JUDGE4579d ago

Interesting, I'm sure that the PSP 2 may have stuff like this but I dunno if they could make it small enough yet large enough to be a phone and a game machine

sumfood4u4579d ago

Be nice if it was Free, to all people who own psp. But doubtful!

Bill Gates4579d ago

The PSP is great. A real fine piece of quality.

gta_cb4579d ago

that sentence doesnt make any sence. i think you ment:

The PSP is great. A real fine piece of quality equipment.

or something, just doesnt seem right without another word on the end

Kyur4ThePain4579d ago

a built-in mic. Or doesn't it?
Anyway, I'm planning on getting one soon.

BIadestarX4579d ago

Dont get one just yet... if I am not mistaking... I believe a new PSP Phone will be released. a PSP with built in phone features.
I dont think the current PSP will be upgrated. unless you are force to use a special headphone + some antena attachment.

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