IGN Top 10 Tuesday: Characters In Need of a Spin-Off

Topic: Characters who desperately need their own spin-off games. Each of the following characters has appeared in games (some in numerous titles), but never in any sort of starring role. Either they act merely as side-kicks to the hero, or they are just too dastardly to ever have been given the chance to shine. Well, now they have it. While some of these games have no chance of ever getting made, others had darn well be put together as soon as possible.

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MK_Red4167d ago

I disgree with most of them. For Psychonauts I prefer a spin-off for Milkman. And where is CLANK!???

sumfood4u4167d ago

Toadstool, an Grandoff definently need a spin off. But they forgot Clank & The Severbots from Miss Trons Adventure!

tplarkin74167d ago

Those are some lame characters. I was hoping for Ivy or Christie from Soul Calibur and DOA. What about Cortana from Halo?