Super Bros Smash Brawl: New Screens

World's famous video game character, Mario, is at it again. This time , he brought the whole crew with him to play in these new screens released for Super Bros Smash Brawl. Super Smash Bros. remains one of Nintendo's most popular franchises, both for its fun, over-the-top battles and because it brings the most popular characters in Nintendo's universe into one common setting. The latest incarnation, Super Smash Bros. Melee, is the best-selling game of all time for Nintendo GameCube

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alsef074579d ago

This would be on e of the few reason of why i would get the wii, i LOVE this game...

TriggerHappy4579d ago

yeah the game is going to be good when released, that is for a fact.

THE_JUDGE4579d ago

I have never understood why people like this game. It's a sad attempt at a fighting game. Is it strange to anyone else that Nintendo has never put out a game where he was doing his actual job? He plays soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, fights and races cars but I have never seen him unclog someones drain. What a waste.

sumfood4u4579d ago

Point Blank this game Rocks! Hero's & Villains put there skill on the line! Secrete Boobi Traps, Rumbles an Taunts. Makes this game Legionary!

Schmitty074579d ago

My brothers got a Wii for their B-day. I haven't really played it at all, but I will when this game comes out.

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