LocoRoco Creator: I've Got No Interest In Wii plus Loco Roco 2 Tidbits

"I don't have much interest in making a game for Wii. I've already played Wii and checked out how the controller works. The only difference between Wii and PlayStation 3 [control systems] is that the Wii uses a pointing device, whereas the Sixaxis has motion sensing." It seems the creator of Sony's LocoRoco, Tsutomu Kouno, thinks the Wii Remote and the PS3's Sixaxis are nearly the same and he finds motion-sensing controls "quite tiring."

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TriggerHappy4586d ago

This is not the first time a developer have "dissed" wii. I think the wii will do just fine.

texism4586d ago

dood. He can keep it. No one cares.

kdawg2224586d ago

for yourself brother..i care very much man.

THE_JUDGE4586d ago

he's right. There's so much more potential in the PS EYE. The whole idea of the Minority Report type stuff sounds way better than the Wii. I've said from the first time hearing about the Wii that it was the eye toy with a remote.

PS360WII4586d ago

says the man who's making sony games.

Vojkan4586d ago

This is strange?! He works for first party Sony studio.

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