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Sebastain Maple writes: "You no doubt have heard, at this point, an inordinate amount of buzz surrounding Uncharted 2. People talk of one of the greatest single-player games they have ever experienced, and many view this as the "Killer App" Sony has needed to sell their console. Well, having made my way through the entirety of the game, I can say with certainty that, for the most part, the buzz is justified."

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DrPirate4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

sweet review

LJWooly4225d ago Show
Dukeoffl4225d ago

This game looked pretty good, but i wasn't sure about some of the features. The review is great, i think you just sold me.

edwineverready4225d ago

There where a lot of reviews already and you just made up your mind. Never the less great choose. Just bought it and it's everything and more. enjoy duke

- The Corrupt -4225d ago

Nice review! Wonder if it'll get submitted to Metacritic... :P

mau644225d ago

I would like that a lot

rob60214225d ago

The press just loves to add in everytime a good PS3 game comes along, that it happens to be the killer app the PS3 'desperately' needed or needs. It's like they can't stand that PS3 made a great game, that they feel the need to act as if Sony has been way behind microsoft in game quality, and now they're just catching up. It's hardly the truth, but we see it repeated often.

The truth is more like: Sony made another great exclusive title, they hardly need it but it never hurts to have another good game. Now I can think of another console that never is mentioned as 'desperately' needing a AAA title, that probably needs one more right now if they want to outsell their competitor ever again.

Unicron4225d ago

Sad part is, they state its the killer app... then forget 1 week later, and label another one. I think the PS3 already has about 20 killer apps according to the media. Strange eh?

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