Lost Planet: Extreme Disappointment

Unfortunately, according to ExtremeTech the demo is a big disappointment on a number of levels.

"Sure, it begins with a caveat that it's still under development and will be better upon release. But the controls are still very console-centric, the performance isn't up to snuff, and as for DirectX 10…well, you're better off avoiding it."

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_insane_cobra4753d ago

So for all its bells and whistles it might still end up another lazy console port? A shame.

BIadestarX4753d ago

I never like playing games like this on the PC. I rather playing RTS, MMO and FPS. Since this game plays better with a gamepad instead of a keyboard... and I already own a 360.... I think paying 50-$60 for the game instead of building a new PC to be able to run the game is an easier pill to swallow.

Black Republican4753d ago

yesss sirrryyyy
I just like gaming on consoles much better

1 - way more comfortable - I don't feel comfortable having a beer on my pc desk while I play

2 - i like that i do not have to adjust any settings - the ideal settings are optimized for the game on a console when the game is created - with a pc you have to tweak and mess around with stuff

3 - with a pc you constantly need to upgrade hardware to get the best graphics

Rooted_Dust4753d ago

Personally, I think that 3rd Person Shooters work very well, if not better on PC's than on consoles. The same controls that apply to FPS also apply to 3rd PS's, with the same benefits of increased accuracy, and speed. Look at Tomb Raider Legends or Star Wars Battle Front. It all depends on the implementation. Other than that Nvidia and ATI need to get their DX10 SH*T together, or MS really needs to get onboard and help them optimize their hardware and drivers. Having a crappy game be the herald of DX10 does nothing good for DX10's image.

marison4753d ago

and a cable from the PC to your TV, you could have a PC in your office and play in your room with some comfort.

I have this setup and already use from some PC exclusives that is not so mouse dependent.

WilliamRLBaker4753d ago

Its not microsofts thats lagging, I've read the papers and they are literally throwing support at companies for vista and dx10, yet the companies just seem to be lagging, It will more then likely be a year before we see any truely good support, Around the time vista SP1 is released.

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