BioWare: Mass Effect 2 Only On Xbox 360 and PC

Developer squashes rumors of a PlayStation 3 port for good.

IGN contacted Electronic Arts for a comment and was directed to an updated forum post by Watamaniuk on BioWare's website. Watamaniuk clarified his comments saying it was all "a misunderstanding."

"There is a report circulating today based on an appearance I made in Poland yesterday. Seems there was a misunderstanding about ME2 coming to PS3." he wrote.

"Let me clarify today: ME2 is coming to PC and X360 only."

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Lifendz5385d ago

"Mass Effect 2 is coming to 360 and PC only....for now"

II Necroplasm II5385d ago

What about that statement.. "probably" coming to PS3? lol

heroicjanitor5385d ago

He said what he said in order to put pressure on someone, and then that person/people made a decision and now he's saying pc and 360 only. Pressure ms into paying for exclusivity? Pressure EA into making a decision on ps3 support quickly? Who knows. But I find it hard to believe he said "and probably ps3" for no reason at all.

zeeshan5385d ago

Probably just the way Star Ocean: The Last hope wasn't coming to PS3 and just the way Ninja Gaiden wasn't coming to PS3 and the list goes one :)

Naar5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

yep just like bioshok

NewZealander5385d ago

if there was a ps3 version wouldnt they just announce it? unless they are still doing some sort of deal with MS, part of me hopes MS keeps mass effect, competition is good and 360 needs top quality exclusives too.

Dragun6195385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

Honestly, if Mass Effect 2 does come to PS3, I would say this is one of the worse secrets kept in gaming.

So many listings of a PS3 version for Mass Effect 2 along with many quotes that reveal that it may not only be on Xbox360/PC.

Matt Atwood, Bioware's Senior Manager, was quoted last year saying "I believe we'll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time."

BioWare writer Patrick Weekes did comment on the listings via BioWare's official forums, saying "we don't comment on rumors :-)"

Jay Watamaniuk of BioWare mentioned three platforms that Mass Effect 2 is targeted at. They were Xbox 360, PC and "probably PS3". After a while, realizing what he said, he started to back out, saying that they do not comment on rumors and speculations.

Seriously, I think this looks like a repeat of Bioshock and how many denied that it was coming to PS3 and then all of a sudden it was announced at E3 for PS3.


The Creep5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

glad thats over

now lets all move on

Tony P5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

@Dragon619: ^^That's exactly what I was saying in another thread. This is a stupid amount of "mistakes" and "missteps". Obviously there's something afoot at this point. Whether that's concrete proof of a port is highly debatable but by now we should know it's not out of the question.

CrazzyMan5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

Why wouldn`t Electronic Arts release Mass Effect 2 on PS3?
I repeat Electronic Arts.
So why wouldn`t???

Montrealien5385d ago

If some of you care so much about this game, go grab yourself a 360 and play it, or get it for your amazing PC, it is not that complicated, really.

jmare5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

But the way I see it, I would rather that they finish the game(s) and then if they are going to release it on the PS3, release it as 1 game. That would neatly avoid any exclusivity contracts and PS3 users would get a complete RPG. Everybody wins.

EDIT below: Got done waiting for MGS4, yet? Or are you happy with Raiden's Song?

MGSR THE HD VERSION5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

Let me clarify
"Mass Effect 2 is coming to 360 and PC only....for now"

let me clarify it again

"Mass Effect 1 is coming to 360 and PC only....for 2 1/2 years in a row....and still counting"

have you given up on waiting yet?

s8anicslayer5385d ago

Just like Bioshock back in 07, It will be on Sony's machine soon

7ero H3LL5385d ago


bioshock and mass effect aren't made by the same people.

Montrealien5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

I have a PS3, I have a PC and I have a 360 so um yeah, I'm gonna file this under not an issue. Which reminds me! I got the weekend off and some Uncharted 2 multi player to play. Man that "not an issue" Uncharted 2 commercial is awesome, sony are truly on a role right now, great advertising, great games and great hardware! And forza 3 is just around the corner! We have a Forza 3 event here in Montreal tomorrow, woot! life is great! And I cant wait for Gran Turismo 5 so many games to keep me busy till then.

-Seven-5385d ago

and all i have to say is this game is AMAZING.

My character is a real bad a$$ and he gets mad pu$$y in space.

Here is his bio:

(Earthborn)Westley Shepard was an orphan raised on the streets of the great megatropolises covering Earth. He escaped the life of petty crime and underworld gangs by enlisting with the alliance military when he turned 18.

(Ruthless) Through out his military career , he has held fast to one basic rule: get the job done. He been called cold, calculating, and brutal. His reputation for Ruthlessness efficiency makes his fellow soldier wary of him. But when failure is not an option, the military always goes to him first.

(Soldier) Soldiers are combat specialist ideal for the front lines of the firefight. Soldiers get improved health, can train in the use of all weapons types, start with the ability to use medium armor, and can specialize in heavy armor.

His weapon of choice: Pulse line of assault rifles and Hydra line shotguns

His armor of choice: Titan

Favorite crew: Wrex and Tali

What he really hates, those dam elevator rides >:(

N4G king5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

i remember yesterday all the 360 fanboys bashed the hell out of this game
but now

it looks like they like the game

this game is coming to the PS3 ( bioshock anyone ?? )
but i really dont care about it
i have other AAA PS3 titels to play

HolyOrangeCows5385d ago

I can't even count how many games were ''only on Xbox and PC'' that ended up on other platforms.

slayorofgods5385d ago

If you want a real action RPG play Demon's Souls. Mass Effect is for amateurs.

Nihilism5385d ago

I hope for ps3 owners that it does come to ps3, because the first one was amazing and the second one looks to be even better, especially in the graphics department, pc version for me though, can't go wrong

LONEWOLF2315385d ago

Well guess ME will only stick to MS machines. But not for long. Anyways ME2 day one for me.