BioWare: Mass Effect 2 Only On Xbox 360 and PC

Developer squashes rumors of a PlayStation 3 port for good.

IGN contacted Electronic Arts for a comment and was directed to an updated forum post by Watamaniuk on BioWare's website. Watamaniuk clarified his comments saying it was all "a misunderstanding."

"There is a report circulating today based on an appearance I made in Poland yesterday. Seems there was a misunderstanding about ME2 coming to PS3." he wrote.

"Let me clarify today: ME2 is coming to PC and X360 only."

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Lifendz4984d ago

"Mass Effect 2 is coming to 360 and PC only....for now"

II Necroplasm II4984d ago

What about that statement.. "probably" coming to PS3? lol

heroicjanitor4984d ago

He said what he said in order to put pressure on someone, and then that person/people made a decision and now he's saying pc and 360 only. Pressure ms into paying for exclusivity? Pressure EA into making a decision on ps3 support quickly? Who knows. But I find it hard to believe he said "and probably ps3" for no reason at all.

zeeshan4984d ago

Probably just the way Star Ocean: The Last hope wasn't coming to PS3 and just the way Ninja Gaiden wasn't coming to PS3 and the list goes one :)

Naar4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

yep just like bioshok

NewZealander4984d ago

if there was a ps3 version wouldnt they just announce it? unless they are still doing some sort of deal with MS, part of me hopes MS keeps mass effect, competition is good and 360 needs top quality exclusives too.

Dragun6194984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Honestly, if Mass Effect 2 does come to PS3, I would say this is one of the worse secrets kept in gaming.

So many listings of a PS3 version for Mass Effect 2 along with many quotes that reveal that it may not only be on Xbox360/PC.

Matt Atwood, Bioware's Senior Manager, was quoted last year saying "I believe we'll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time."

BioWare writer Patrick Weekes did comment on the listings via BioWare's official forums, saying "we don't comment on rumors :-)"

Jay Watamaniuk of BioWare mentioned three platforms that Mass Effect 2 is targeted at. They were Xbox 360, PC and "probably PS3". After a while, realizing what he said, he started to back out, saying that they do not comment on rumors and speculations.

Seriously, I think this looks like a repeat of Bioshock and how many denied that it was coming to PS3 and then all of a sudden it was announced at E3 for PS3.

The Creep4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

glad thats over

now lets all move on

Tony P4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

@Dragon619: ^^That's exactly what I was saying in another thread. This is a stupid amount of "mistakes" and "missteps". Obviously there's something afoot at this point. Whether that's concrete proof of a port is highly debatable but by now we should know it's not out of the question.

CrazzyMan4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Why wouldn`t Electronic Arts release Mass Effect 2 on PS3?
I repeat Electronic Arts.
So why wouldn`t???

Montrealien4984d ago

If some of you care so much about this game, go grab yourself a 360 and play it, or get it for your amazing PC, it is not that complicated, really.

jmare4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

But the way I see it, I would rather that they finish the game(s) and then if they are going to release it on the PS3, release it as 1 game. That would neatly avoid any exclusivity contracts and PS3 users would get a complete RPG. Everybody wins.

EDIT below: Got done waiting for MGS4, yet? Or are you happy with Raiden's Song?

MGSR THE HD VERSION4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Let me clarify
"Mass Effect 2 is coming to 360 and PC only....for now"

let me clarify it again

"Mass Effect 1 is coming to 360 and PC only....for 2 1/2 years in a row....and still counting"

have you given up on waiting yet?

s8anicslayer4984d ago

Just like Bioshock back in 07, It will be on Sony's machine soon

7ero H3LL4984d ago


bioshock and mass effect aren't made by the same people.

Montrealien4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

I have a PS3, I have a PC and I have a 360 so um yeah, I'm gonna file this under not an issue. Which reminds me! I got the weekend off and some Uncharted 2 multi player to play. Man that "not an issue" Uncharted 2 commercial is awesome, sony are truly on a role right now, great advertising, great games and great hardware! And forza 3 is just around the corner! We have a Forza 3 event here in Montreal tomorrow, woot! life is great! And I cant wait for Gran Turismo 5 so many games to keep me busy till then.

-Seven-4984d ago

and all i have to say is this game is AMAZING.

My character is a real bad a$$ and he gets mad pu$$y in space.

Here is his bio:

(Earthborn)Westley Shepard was an orphan raised on the streets of the great megatropolises covering Earth. He escaped the life of petty crime and underworld gangs by enlisting with the alliance military when he turned 18.

(Ruthless) Through out his military career , he has held fast to one basic rule: get the job done. He been called cold, calculating, and brutal. His reputation for Ruthlessness efficiency makes his fellow soldier wary of him. But when failure is not an option, the military always goes to him first.

(Soldier) Soldiers are combat specialist ideal for the front lines of the firefight. Soldiers get improved health, can train in the use of all weapons types, start with the ability to use medium armor, and can specialize in heavy armor.

His weapon of choice: Pulse line of assault rifles and Hydra line shotguns

His armor of choice: Titan

Favorite crew: Wrex and Tali

What he really hates, those dam elevator rides >:(

N4G king4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

i remember yesterday all the 360 fanboys bashed the hell out of this game
but now

it looks like they like the game

this game is coming to the PS3 ( bioshock anyone ?? )
but i really dont care about it
i have other AAA PS3 titels to play

HolyOrangeCows4984d ago

I can't even count how many games were ''only on Xbox and PC'' that ended up on other platforms.

slayorofgods4984d ago

If you want a real action RPG play Demon's Souls. Mass Effect is for amateurs.

Nihilism4984d ago

I hope for ps3 owners that it does come to ps3, because the first one was amazing and the second one looks to be even better, especially in the graphics department, pc version for me though, can't go wrong

LONEWOLF2314984d ago

Well guess ME will only stick to MS machines. But not for long. Anyways ME2 day one for me.

RememberThe3574984d ago

Dragon Age is coming soon, and that game is going to kick ass.

sikbeta4984d ago

Guys, you smell another timed exclusive.... maybe?

4984d ago
4984d ago
JD_Shadow4984d ago

How is it that they act like it's someone else's fault that the rumors are spread? THEY were the ones that made the statements, THEY were the ones that made the errors, and THEY are the ones that are continuing to try to put the toothpaste back into the damn tube. If it was a misunderstanding, then what in the hell DID they mean to say?

Like I said before, someone needs to bring it up and keep on it until they get pissed about them not asking anything else. This sh!t is getting ridiculous.

MazzingerZ4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

It's easy to know it's coming to PS3, MSFT has not been talking about the game as they did before with the first know the "only on X360" crapp...they didn't show a single gameplay video during their E3, Gamescom or TGS conferences

And none can say it's because EA wanted to show it in their own press conference as there's no better place to show the game that during the press. conf. of the platform that is shipping Konami/Kojima did with MGS4, PS3 demos walkthorugh

If EA/Bioware did want to show it in their press conference was to make clear who HAS CONTROL OVER the franchise

Aquanox4984d ago

It's pretty funny how Sony boys are dying to see Mass Effect 2 on their console. You can't blame them. Mass Effect was incredible, but ME2 outperforms it in virtually every aspect. I expect high 9's and many perfect 10 for this game.

IaMs124984d ago

This is a trilogy so if the PS3 does not get ME2 i doubt they will ever see on ME game

Ausbo4983d ago

that sucks for ps3 gamers, because mass effect 2 will inevitably be the best rpg this gen.

SaberEdge4983d ago

I can't wait for Mass Effect 2 and I'll play it on my 360 in any case, but this whole issue serves to highlight how vital it is that Microsoft have their own studios. All this conjecture and uncertainty wouldn't be happening if the game was being made by a first party developer.

I sincerely believe that Microsoft's insistence on relying on 3rd party deals to acquire "exclusives" is hurting the 360.

I love my 360 along with my PS3, but this is one area that Sony understands much better than Microsoft.

CimmerianDrake4983d ago

Aquanox: Seems to me that the "PS3 fanboys" are just discussing an inevitability. Or are you trying to deny the PS3's momentum, and call EA blind for not seeing it?

Ausbo: No, it won't be. Not with games like Valkyria Chronicles, Demon's Soul, Final Fantasy, etc. etc.. etc...

ShadowCK4983d ago

Microsoft still has some control over the Mass Effect series, this is evident by the fact they not EA released the Mass Effect: 2-Disc Edition. Remember, Bioware signed a deal with Microsoft for Exclusivity to the 360 for the Mass Effect Trilogy; EA having bought Bioware is now bound by that agreement. It doesn't go away because EA owns Bioware since Bioware still exists in name.

The likelyhood of it going to the PS3 is slim and almost nil in the current market. You have to remember, it is not a simple "Copy + Paste" to another format in this generation. It costs money to release it on many systems, and you need to have balance, is the Mass Effect audience big enough to support a move to the PS3? Will it generate more sales of the game? What would Sony want if anything to allow it on the PS3?

There are a lot of risk involved in many an established series Multiplatform, it is not just a simple thing. You must remember, making two different version of the game requires with you dealing with a lot more work and more work costs more money. You'll have to deal with other companies you do business with believe it or not, such a move could COST EA a lot of money in the future.

CimmerianDrake4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

What? You're joking right.

Ok, first of all, just because Microsoft released a Mass Effect 2-Disc Edition doesn't mean they have control over the series. It means they had control over Mass Effect 1, which they did.

Second, EA does NOT have to honor an agreement made between BioWare and Microsoft. When a company is bought out, unless it is stipulated in the agreement, the buying company is not obligated to honor any obligations the company they are buying currently has, unless there is a debt or money has already been transferred in some way. Once EA bought BioWare, they also bought all the publishing rights to their future titles and, as such, can do whatever they want with them.

Now then, in answer to your questions.

"Is the Mass Effect audience big enough to support a move to the PS3?"

First, what does the size of the fanbase for the currently 360 game have to do with being able to successfully move to the PS3? Second, the answer is... a new audience can be created for it so it doesn't matter how large or small the 360 fanbase is.

"Will it generate more sales for the game?"

Well, 2 consoles and the PC are better than 1 console and a PC, basic math says that the probability is yes.

"What would Sony want?"

It would depend. If it's released simultaneously, then nothing. A year timed exclusive? Extra content to justify the wait. Reasonable demands I'd say.

And finally, EA is a mutliplatform developer/publisher. They've take the cost risk before, why would they stop with Mass Effect?

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Nitrowolf24984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

idk how you could slip up and say something like "Probaly PS3"
I really don't care much if it does, this rumor getting quite annoying. to many PS3 games coming out from now to all they way to the end of next year, i don't think i will have the time or money for ME2.
If i knew i would have the money for it i would buy it then

DonCorneo4984d ago

what's the release date for this POS?

March 2010? i will be busy playing GoW3. and then i'll be playing GT5 for months.

ME1 was overrated. i played it. nothing special unless you are into boring dialogue.

kevinx10004984d ago

First anounced not to be on PS3:

then it's rumored to come to the PS3:
"This game is great and much bettr on the PS"

rumor busted:
"this game is boring and sucks again!"

Pirateogta4983d ago

No, it comes out January 26, 2010.

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Feral Gamer4984d ago

Guess I'll have to buy a 360 some day

Pandamobile4984d ago

Why would you do that when it's on PC?

Feral Gamer4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Because either I upgrade my PC for a few hundred and have it become obsolete again or I buy a 360.

I have a Duo Core 2.66ghz processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and an 8800GT 512mb video card.

Also, Alan Wake! (on 360)

Pandamobile4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Unless your PC is from like 2004 with a single core CPU and less than a gig of RAM, all it will take a $120 GPU upgrade.

Or $160 if you want a brand new DirectX 11 supported GPU for future games like the 5770.


Except with the case of Modern Warfare 2, but that's just a d1ck-move on Activision's part.

The real killer4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Not smart.

You can better update your PC than a buy a look alike 360 with low quality hardware with gimped games, PC has far more graphics than a single 360 on the market.

Why buy a gimped version from the 360, than the superior version for the PC?

Also, you are paying more for a gimped version than a superior version, PC games always cheaper than console games .


"Except with the case of Modern Warfare 2, but that's just a d1ck-move on Activision's part"

Maybe, you are right or maybe not ;)

Montrealien4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

I will be getting it on my 360 simply because I get to play it on my lazy ass in my living room, and I have a bad ass PC. And in the end, if ever it does come out for the PS3, that would be amazing news for people that only have a PS3 and no PC or 360. Until then, the only two options are 360 or PC, and I am sure either will be great just like mass effect 1 was.

You have to laugh at the hypocrisy of some people here though, if it was confirmed for the PS3, would they still recommend the superior PC version over the PS3 version? Or just OMGZ HAHAHAHAH SUCK IT 360!

Persistantthug4984d ago

He has a hard time understanding how a large contingent genuinely prefers to game on their console systems rather than their PC's.

likedamaster4984d ago

That's the thing, unless it's a high-end card most won't bother because if they get it for PC they want to "max it out" and not play it on medium settings. Every new game pushes your card even further. Been gaming for years, its the same crap for every new game.

I'm not upgrading my PC anytime soon and won't get any games for PC unless its Left 4 Dead 2 or a PC exclusive. Plus now I'm tired of kb+m and prefer to game with a controller.

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corywebb934984d ago

The onley reason bioware said probaly coming to ps3 was to get their hopes up since ps3 owners have n0thing to play next year other than unfarted 2 among thieves

Dont worry ps3 owners keep on playing unfarted 2 among thieves for the next 2 years so you guys can become good thieves and be able to steal a xbox 360 and play the best gaming console on plannet earth

MetaIGearRising4984d ago

Well then I'll just have to get the better version on pc.

Isaac4984d ago

He is actually 16 (or not even), lol awww leave the kiddo alone

PlayStation X4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

we only need to play uncharted for a few weeks, but most of us will play it for a while...


ratchet & clank - november
gow collection - november
mag - january
modnation racers - february
gow3 - march
gt5 - march
heavy rain - 2010
dc universe - 2010
agent - 2010
white knight chronicles - 2010
the agency - 2010
the last guardian - 2010
ff13vs - 2010
ff14 - 2010
eyedentify - 2010
resistance 3 - 2010?
motorstorm 3 - 2010?
hardware 2 - ??
eight days ??
the getaway ??
twisted metal - ??
etc.. etc..

what exclusives you playing in the future??
alan wait
mass effect

bu..bu..but multiplatformers!!! and sales!!!

have fun

HomoMeal4983d ago

Oh thy silly little bots with their lame statements!

oh oh sigh no games on the ps3 hahaha dont kid your self while reaching for "Gaylo 3.75 Reach: ODST 2 the search for Milo."

My ps3 will be hotter than a sex machine in 2010 and beyond with so many super hot exclusives "only on Playstation" Jack Trenton-

These bots are so feisty when they are jealous!!!!! Arnt they now

Tainted Gene4983d ago

"Dont worry ps3 owners keep on playing unfarted 2 among thieves for the next 2 years so you guys can become good thieves "

lol........... probably da funniest comment i've ever read on n4g, im still rofl *wipes tears*

Pirateogta4983d ago (Edited 4983d ago )

Forza Motorsport 3 (October)
GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony (October)
GTA: Episodes From Liberty City (October)
Left 4 Dead 2 (November)
Mass Effect 2 (January)
Alan Wake (March)
APB (2010)
Ninety-Nine Nights II (2010)
Crackdown 2 (2010)
The Secret World (2010)
Halo: Reach (2010)
Splinter Cell: Conviction (February)
Fez (2010)
Fable III (2010)
Natal (2010)
Gears of War 3 (???)
Left 4 Dead 3 (???)

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Natsu X FairyTail4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Yeah it's on Xbox360 and PC

then in a few months You'll see the News about the game being Released on PS3 with New Content not found on the original version.

I've heard that Story in the past so many times.

Lost Planet 2?
Tales of vesperia?
Star Ocean IV?

can't trust MS no more.

Edit @ Panda:

Well Bioshock did not have More content but it's still an Example of games that were Once exclusives and came to ps3 after.