New Halo 3 art revealed

As if it wasn't completely inevitable, the Halo 3 concept art bundled with the limited edition Microsoft Zune has appeared on the internet, revealing more glimpses of what we can expect from the single-player campaign.

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Primal Rex4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

The arbiters back as we all knew he would be.lets hope hes still playable in halo 3 some people didnt like his levels in halo 2 but i did.Arbiter you rock

IQUITN4G4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

I liked the Arbiter as a character but hopefully he will only be playable after you have done the game or playable when in coop.I expect the Arbiter will join the chief in missions so maybe you will be able to play any splitting sections as the Arbiter should you wish or all the time while in that mission.Missions should ALL be startable with chief as while it's fairly cool being an Elite, the chief is what it's all about - halo2 upset a lot of players for doing this and it's perfectly understandable why it did but i still like the idea of fighting brutes using either characters , just don't force the Arbiter on us.

Failing that though , give us plenty of chief missions this time and can we please finish the fight .. with the chief.

blikz4789d ago

It looks like master chief have a partner after all...(",)