Uncharted 2 sells over 300,000 on day one in America

Uncharted 2 becomes the 3rd fastest-selling PS3 game of all time in America, week one worldwide sales expected to exceed one million units

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masterg3560d ago

Lets hope we will see the same UC1 to UC2 sales ratio in Europe.

UC1 did 32k in the US the first week. This means minimum 10 times as good a result with UC2.

UC1 did 85k in Europe the first week. With the same ratio it will hit 850k.

So day one results in the US and Japan = Fantastic.
I personally think this will be the game with the longest legs on PS3 ever. 99% how buy this will tell their friends to get it for the fantastic online play.

Noctis Aftermath3560d ago

I'm curious as to what the actual day one numbers are, the oct 11 VGchartz pre-order numbers had UC2 at 300k.
So according to these VGchartz numbers everyone who got it day one pre-ordered? Not a chance, i'm sure a bunch of people just walked into the shopped and got it without the need to pre-order.

calis3560d ago

"that's pathetic. it's now becoming clearer that the USA belongs to MS and nintendo."

Despite the fact the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in the USA for the past 2 months?

Nice try, just because the 360 has no games and owners have to rush out first day to get excited they FINALLY get (another) Halo doesn't mean every good exclusive does it.

What's pathetic is your attempts to justify something that isn't. Don't be jealous you can't play Uncharted 2, PS3s are cheaper now. Keep begging, Mummy might get you one soon.

cRaZyLeGs 933560d ago

If the game was a 360 exclusive, it would easily sell double. 360 Gamers tend to buy games at launch.

NMC20073560d ago

"Despite the fact the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in the USA for the past 2 months?"


Lifendz3560d ago

preventing anyone else from commenting below him.

Anyway, I thought it'd do a million on the first day but those are pretty good numbers. Hopefully it cracks 3 million by the end of the holiday season.

lovestruck063560d ago

canada and us matter..i dunno this obviously isnt correct im sure its more. like no matter what this game will sell tons whether its right now or towards christmas word is going to spread fast. like man im playin it now the graphics are amazing im talking crysis graphics. the detail in one of the cliffsides that over look the other islands was incredible the water effects(fountains, waterfalls, puddles look real. the clouds look real too. especially that pool level. this game gaives me shivers its awesome and the reviews represent that. the positive pr and high review scores will guarentee this game to be a block buster hit. people are still playin demon souls i was but after i beat it once the second time around got so damn frustrating im givin it a break. right now i bet alotta gamers dont have time to play uncharted 2 yet demon's souls demands ur soul lol:p also believe it or not everyone has hd televisions. and unlike halo or gears, uncharted 2 demands hd. its like playing crysis on a crappy pc. not the best expierence im lovin my 1080p hd tv right now.

calis3560d ago


America 30th August - 10th October

PS3 - 572,645
360 - 484,646

Anon19743560d ago

360 fans do tend to rush out and buy their big exclusives right at launch. Just look at Gears 2, Halo ODST, Fable II, etc...etc..for evidence of that. I've read analysts speculate that, long term, this isn't a healthy trend. It indicates that the 360 caters almost exclusively to the "hardcore" gamers and that it's not a recipe for long term success. "Hardcore" gamers tend to buy the hot new thing on day one.

We also see evidence of this in the types of games that are picked up on the 360. While the titles that appeal to the hardcore do well, most other titles are ignored by 360 fans (take Banjo: Nuts and Bolts for example). It'll be interesting to see if the 360 can broaden it's market next year with Natal's appeal to the casual gamer market.

SHAGGY623560d ago

they got two sales from me one for me one for my brother

flash743560d ago

Where are these so-called "facts" that 360 owners tend to just run out and buy a game day one and not over the long-haul? MGS4 sold 1.3 million units on day 1, and currently has sold 4.26. Comparably, that same year Gears2 sold 2.1 million day one, and currently has sold 5.26 million. How are those two games not comparable? Both were considered the "big-gun" for their respective systems that year. It's funny that if this were a big 360 game, all the PS fans would call 300,000 a fail. Instead, we get to hear excuses that 360 fans all pile in day one, but PS3 fans are "patient". Since when are most of us patient for games that everyone is ranting and raving over? No one wants to hear that this is only 15% of what Halo ODST sold day one. Not bad for a so-called "add-on" that hasn't been played by most people criticizing it.

orakga3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Don't turn this into a PS3 vs. 360 issue guys.

I'd say the slower pick-up has more to do with UC2 being a more campaign-focused game than those 360 games you guys mentioned.

ODST and Gears 2 were sequels to games that had an active online audience when they launched. When people are still playing these games online, they tend to be more proactive about getting the "upgrade" when it comes out. A similar thing happens when MMORPGs (namely WoW) release expansions; people run out to get it on day 1 because it directly affects how they play their "primary game".

UC1, on the other hand, didn't have online. So, like a handful of people have already stated on this page, people are willing to take their time and wait till they're ready to play.

That said, if when Modern Warfare 2 comes out, the PS3 version still shows a drastically lower 1st-day performance, THEN we can fairly blame that disparity on the PS3 users. But until then, don't turn this into a PS3 vs 360 issue.


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Carbon3560d ago

I bet it sells in the neighborhood of 2 million by year end.

bmw693560d ago

After one million week one? I'd be expecting more like 3m by the end of the year if not more...

saint_john_paul_ii3560d ago

GT5p had long legs to sell over 3 million, i expect this game to sell over 4 million lifetime.

RememberThe3573560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

The first Uncharted barely broke 30k the first week. Uncharted 2 selling 300k is a great improvement in sales. Plus, there are a lot of people, like myself, who have yet you get the game. This game will have legs longer then it's predecessor.

randomwiz3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Add me to the list that hasn't got the game yet. Waiting for the weekend... oh wait its here, time to go pick it up.

These first day sales are pretty good considering that its the US, the first UC sold 37k, and it launched on a weekday

sikbeta3560d ago

This game is so Awesome, It has to sell excellent and will have really long legs

firelogic3560d ago

Uncharted sold 2.5 million LTD so this one should do 4 million or so.

calis3560d ago

"Uncharted sold 2.5 million LTD so this one should do 4 million or so."

Unfortunate as it means there could be up to 1.5 million people who didn't play the first.

pokeystaples3560d ago

I can say that at least 3 of those 1.5 million people are taken care of. I got UC1 used but bought UC2 day one along with a copy for my dad and my best friend.

joemayo763560d ago

dam i wish u were my friend so u could buy me a game :P
but yea picked this game up on the third day, just didn't have time to pick it up day 1 between work and school, but dam i friggin love this game

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Carlton Banks3560d ago

And that's just in America.

karan86243560d ago

Both for your comment and because Fresh Prince of Belair was hilarious

Saaking3560d ago

+ 47k in Japan and who knows how much in Europe.

topdawg1223560d ago

I contributed to those sales, anyone with a ps3 should fo sho.

Lol at all the bots playin sales below! That's the only thing left ya'll got to play. Damn, that is just sad fo real.

boodybandit3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

The game is flat out AMAZING!

Personally I think 300,000 is incredible considering the original only did 1/10th those figures release day. I'm sure Naughty Dog is thrilled with those numbers.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

...the Postman delivering my Fecking Game!!! ;-D

+ The obsession on this site about Sales is very amusing to, well SAD really(i.e the ChatBots Live and Die by it!!!) ;)

Oh Postman gives it a 10/10!!! Er... ;-D

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ukilnme3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Wrong zone.