PlayStation Eye Is The Future Of Game Control

At the Nordic Game conference in Sweden last week, LocoRoco creator Tsutomu Kouno expressed indifference on motion sensing controllers. When asked on potentially creating a title for the Wii, he "didn't have much interest." Kouno-san seemed far more impressed with the technological possibilities of a peripheral like the PlayStation Eye, conjuring its controller possibilities. Harkening Minority Report similarities, he imagines playing a game "using hands, without even touching the controller."

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FordGTGuy4580d ago

"using hands, without even touching a controller."

sajj3164580d ago

its the 360 cam ... too bad the Eye Toy was there before the 360 cam

DirtyRat4580d ago

If they had a PS3 game you could do that in, it would be truley next gen and defo a reason for 360 owners like me to consider getting the PS3. More ways to interact with games is crucial, the motion sensor in the Eye along with voice recognition could produce some truley immersive games.

Bathyj4580d ago

I stated my opinion a while ago that the Eyetoy is a far more accurate motion controller than either the 6axis or the Wiimote. Imagine a game like Red Steel that doesn't just swing your onscreen sword in a preanimated direstion, triggered by a wave of the controller, but actually tracking exactly where your holding a sword handle to give precise movement and rotation of the sword. Remember the demo with the 2 glasses tipping water between them? This is highly accurate motion tracking.

jwatt4579d ago

I still want to see the xmb controlled like the Minority report, just your hands.

Arkham4579d ago

Well, considering the recent news about the OS footprint and Sony "saving room for really advanced features" in the future, that's exactly what I'm thinking too.


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