Ishibashi: Battlefield 1943 EA Japan's Top-Selling Game Of Last 12 Months

Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network download-only shooter Battlefield 1943 was Electronic Arts Japan's top-selling game in the last year, as "incredibly crowded" store shelves help digital grow.

So says EA Japan's Rex Ishibashi, as part of a larger Gamasutra interview discussing sales and popularity trends for the publishing giant, which is now making DS title Tsumuji specifically for the Japanese market.

"Battlefield 1943, which we released download-only in Japan, is our best selling title in the last 12 months," Ishibashi states.

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perseus3592d ago

...if it made any sense whatsoever to buy two.

For example, if you buy two copies, you get to drive the Tiger or a Spitfire. Or the Yamato.