Gamezebo iPhone: Pac-Man Remix

Gamezebo writes: "Are you suffering from Pac-Man Fever? Have you come down with a bad case of Pac-Mania? If you feel like there's been a little yellow hole in your heart for far too long, don't worry - it's about to be filled. Pac-Man is back with a brand new adventure, and he's bringing it to your iPhone! Can Pac-Man Remix overcome Namco's previous problems in bringing the pellet muncher portable to the popular portable?

Pac-Man Remix sticks to the tried and true maze-navigating, pellet-gobbling formula that people have come to know and love from this classic franchise, but they've given it a fresh coat of paint and a host of new features. Improved graphics, interesting mazes and explosive power-ups all come together to make a fresh experience, but it's not the first time we've seen this style of improvement in the Pac-Man franchise."

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