STP: Champion Archer Review

STP writes: "Archers tend to be associated with epic medieval battles, protecting castles from an enemy onslaught. In Champion Archer, you play as an unnamed Elvish hero who must help stop evil orcs and trolls from crashing down the walls of your castle. The game is a thrill at first, but due to a lack of content and variety in the gameplay, we were done with it in under an hour.

The goal of Champion Archer is to support the defending warriors who are trying to stop oncoming orcs, giant orcs, and quick but weak trolls. You do this by shooting arrows with a control scheme similar to that of turn-based artillery games: hold down a finger on the screen until the meter fills up, and release. The meter fills up fast, so shots can be made quickly.

Your arrow will fly wherever you hold down your finger. Tapping close to the ground will send it in a straight line, while touching the sky sends the arrow upwards in a curve."

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