TouchGen: Kil-A-Ton Quick Review

TouchGen writes: "Do you remember the old games in which you would command a tank and controlling the fire power and angle, would try to blow up the enemy tanks before they destroyed you. Kil-A-Ton was a blast from the past, as well as some fun additional weapons to purchase. They range from miniguns, to bigger shells, to multi-rockets, to nukes. Each serves a distinct and needed function on the battlefield. Each game is a series of rounds, between which you can purchase new gear, both offensive and defensive. The game's AI has a pretty good range of difficulty, from the starter levels only hitting you one in every 10 or so times, to the latter levels every shot a hit. The game has lasted me a pretty long time, because along with the levels there are also free for all modes for you to blast away at. As of the last update the game devs added about 7 new items to purchase, which added a new level of spice to the game. One thing I wish they had in here was an online multiplayer mode. I think they could fairly easily incorporate a multiplayer deathmatch, either via bluetooth, wifi, or adhoc. There is a same-device multiplayer mode and it works pretty well, but it's not the same as two devices."

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